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  • 1.  Job Scheduler Templates, Job Scheduler Variables, and Endevor

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hi all!

    I want to resist reinventing a wheel for the 3rd time so I thought I'd ask the community...

    Most (if not all) Job Scheduling (JS) software (I'm thinking Control-M and/or CA7 among others) provide for the ability to code templates containing non-z/os symbolics (Control-M = %%symbolic, CA7 = &:symbolic) that are resolved at job submission time either by the JS software referring to a file (Control-M) or a global variable file (CA7).

    How would (or did) you integrate that into Endevor? Straight storage with *NOPROC*? Or did you do some processing...?

    As a wrinkle, how and when would you invoke a JCL validation routine with JS symbolics as part of the Endevor processing....? When the template is changed? Or when the symbolic value is changed? For all occurrences for shared templates and/or shared symbolics? Or would you keep the JCL validation external to Endevor?

    Have you tackled this?

  • 2.  RE: Job Scheduler Templates, Job Scheduler Variables, and Endevor

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 13 days ago
    Not exactly what you are describing John, but addressing similar requirements, is this Endevor approach for JCL: