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CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for January 2020

  • 1.  CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for January 2020

    Posted 01-30-2020 10:12 PM

    Here is the January list of New & Updated CA Gen Knowledge Base Articles (January 1-31). The full list of KB articles can be found on the CA Gen Product Information page here: Gen
    (please note new url for the recent updated support portal):

    Diagram Trace Utility (DTU) startup issues

    Wed Jan 29 2020...Suggest one of the following to resolve this problem:  1.  Delete the App data for DTU.  Specifically, delete the subdirectories from the: 'C:\Users\<userid>\AppData Diagram Trace Utility (DTU) starts with splash screen and goes away

    aefad -z parameter within CA Gen 8.6 Transaction Enabler

    Wed Jan 29 2020...The '-z' parameter on the aefad is a Trace Filter that was added in the Gen r8.6 release, values are 0, 1, or 2.    0=you get aefad and server module logs 1=you What is the purpose of the aefad -z parameter within the CA Gen 8.6 Transaction Enabler 

    Is CA Gen 8.5 compatible with Enterprise COBOL 6.3?

    Tue Jan 28 2020...For Enterprise COBOL, starting with COBOL 5.x and including COBOL 6.3, please apply the following PTFs: CA GEN HOST ENCYCLOPEDIA (CEG6850) - RO69161 CA GEN IMPLEMENTATION CA GEN 8.5 is compatible with Enterprise COBOL 6.3 with these three PTFs applied: RO69161, RO69163, RO69164.

    Deploying CA Gen 8.6 and 6.5 Runtimes side by side in same CICS region

    Fri Jan 10 2020...In theory having the current release runtimes concatenated ahead of older release runtimes in the same CICS region DFHRPL should work. Verify the currently running upgrade CICS Region DFHRPL runtimes


    Fri Jan 10 2020...This error can occur when compiling triggers or application modules. Check trigger, application, and system datasets for incorrect spelling, size (full, directory blocks), and definition.  Verify all specified datasets exists from

    CA Gen block mode application screen problems after upgrade.

    Thu Jan 09 2020...Check the screen map setting. The global default setting is Enhanced. It can be changed in PARMLIB member TIRHE with the parameter TIMAPSEL. To resolve the screen This article covers the root case of CA Gen block mode application screen generation and runtime problems after upgrade to Gen 8.x

    CA Gen r8 REG602 error

    Thu Jan 09 2020...Start the Gen Toolset with elevated privileges by doing a right-click and choosing 'Run as administrator'. When double clicking the Web Service Wizard executable REG602 specified registry path invalid

    CA Gen 8.6 CSE model conversion "MDLADPT: TI Supplied GENCLASS could not be found in table"

    Mon Jan 06 2020...The message can be seen on a model conversion or upload and the root cause is that at least one system defined GENCLASS object (type 182) is missing its TINAME property A missing TINAME property on a system defined GENCLASS object would only cause a problem if matrices are being migrated, so if that is not being done then the messages

    CA Gen RI Trigger fails compilation with RC=8 and error IGYDS1159-E

    Thu Jan 02 2020...The error IGYDS1159-E, is typically caused by an Entity View (within a Procedure Step or Action Block) that has been defined without any attributes included.    CA Gen RI Trigger fails compilation with RC=8 and error IGYDS1159-E related to model table and index implementation.

    Lynn Williams
    Senior Principal Support Engineer