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CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for April 2020

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    Posted 05-10-2020 11:47 PM
    Edited by Lynn Williams 05-18-2020 02:33 AM
    ** Updated on May 18, to show all articles April 1-30, after KB results limit of 10 pages had been fixed
    Here is the April list of New & Updated CA Gen Knowledge Base Articles
    The full list of KB articles can be found from the CA Gen Product Information page here: Gen.At the bottom of section "Knowledge Base Articles" click on the link for "See All Articles" On the next page after a recent change the "Sort by" drop-down now automatically defauts to "Date (Newest)"
    Note due to a current problem with only 10 pages of KB articles (10 articles per page) being available from above and a large number of Japanese language articles having recently been created, this list can only go back as far as April 9, so covers April 9-30. I will update this list again once that problem is fixed.

    CA Gen: Packaging Report

    Wed Apr 29 2020...On the mainframe Host Encyclopedia HE, do the following.  From the "Main Menu" select  3. Host Encyc Looking for a report that would provide the load module name along with a description of the action

    CA Gen: How to troubleshoot "Error on Page" problems.
    Tue Apr 28 2020...1. On the page with the error press F12 to start up debug. 2. Select the Script tab on the upper lef In testing CA Gen Internet applications using Internet Explorer, the "Error on Page" may b

    CA Gen: Trial Adoption is significantly faster than Adoption.
    Mon Apr 27 2020...Trial Adoption just creates a report but does not do an Adoption with database Rollback. This is why Trial Adoption runs significantly faster than the adoption process.  This is counter intuitive as Tr

    CA Gen: Client Server Encyclopedia CSE Construction Client building a Remote
    Fri Apr 24 2020...There are 2 parts to the creation of a load module, the generation phase and the installation contro To get around the problem, go to the Generation  Defaults and check "Delete generated source af The CSE Construction Client appears to always build the Remote for a load module to include all comm

    CA Gen: Fatal error C1083
    Thu Apr 23 2020...Windows User Identification authority If the authority for the Windows UserID is limited and will no The resolution is to restore authority to execute the "reg" command to the Windows UserID. Build Tool fatal error.  Fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'windows.h': No such

    Is CA Gen 8.5 compatible with Enterprise COBOL 6.3?
    Wed Apr 22 2020...For Enterprise COBOL, starting with COBOL 5.x and including COBOL 6.3, please apply the following PT Upgrading to Enterprise COBOL 6.3, what maintenance for CA GEN 8.5 is needed? Release : 8.5 Component : CA Gen

    CA Gen: Build Tool warning; 'includeantruntime' was not set
    Wed Apr 22 2020...The first warning 'includeantruntime' is something that should have seen in 8.5 also. It is a "misfe There's a warning that occurs 3 times in the output file referring to 'includeantruntime&#

    CA Gen: Windows 10 Servicing Option
    Tue Apr 21 2020...Gen Product Management decided that we would support Windows 10 service branches in the same manner Does Gen support all Windows 10 servicing branches?  Current Branch (CB)  Current Branch for Busines

    CA Gen 8.6 ECI v2 Support
    Tue Apr 21 2020...CA Gen 8.6 provides ECI v2 support with PTFs SO12045 and SO12046 for the z/OS platform and PTF For details on the new ECI v2 User Exit, please see the following link: https://techdocs.b CA Gen 8.6 now supports ECI v2 as one of the middleware choices for Gen C clients (GUI, COM Proxy an CA Gen C clients (GUI, COM Proxy, C Proxy) ECI v1 or ECI v2

    CA Gen 8.6 ECI v2 Middleware troubleshooting
    Tue Apr 21 2020...1. Where to look when problems arise: Communications configuration: Values set in commcfg.ini  (if c See related KB article: CA Gen 8.6 ECI v2 Support Related documentation: CA GEN 8.6 > Release Not With the new support in CA Gen 8.6 of ECI v2 for C clients (GUI, COM Proxy, and C Proxy), this artic CA Gen 8.6 C clients (GUI, COM Proxy, and C Proxy) ECI v1 or V2

    CA GEN Java EJB Web Service call timeout occurs after 60 seconds (WildFly/JBoss)
    Mon Apr 20 2020...This is a web service call where JBoss/WildFly uses Apache CXF which itself has a client side r The Apache CXF/HTTPConduit timeouts can be configured in WildFly as system properties per this NOTE: Gen 8.5 is only officially supported with JBoss Application Server 5.1, and has not been certi We are developing a new GEN app, which is generated and compiled as Java. The app is cooperative pac Release : 8.5 Component : CA Gen Enterprise Java Beans

    CA Gen: Communications Bridge parameter Idle Client Timeout
    Mon Apr 20 2020...The idle client timeout mechanism is meant to purge/disconnect client connections in order to f This is an explanation of the Communications Bridge (CB) parameter Idle Client Timeout.

    Running a GUI C application fails to execute.
    Fri Apr 17 2020...The errors are caused by having a Gen 8.0 deployment directory successfully running and then creatin When running a GUI C application, the following 2 different error messages may have the same root ca

    CA Gen: CODEPAGE.INI search order
    Wed Apr 15 2020...1. Current directory.     (This is the directory where the COM Proxies are located when they are reg What is the search order for locating the codepage.ini?

    CA Gen: UNC Universal Naming Convention
    Tue Apr 14 2020...Change the path to the icon in the Windows Properties to have a drive letter, like the following.   A Window that has an icon associated to it will allow the Window Properties to have a path that uses

    CA Gen 8.6 Toolset not opening.
    Mon Apr 13 2020...The mfc140.dll was not installed when Gen was installed.  The workaround is to manually apply the VS The CA Gen 8.6 Toolset not opening.  On Windows 7 32 bit, getting the error, "The program can&#

    CA Gen client/server applications support for Kerberos authentication
    Thu Apr 09 2020...CA Gen client/server applications have no direct support for Kerberos authentication but can in For security user exits for other types of clients and servers please see: CA GEN 8.6 > Distribut Can CA Gen client/server applications support Kerberos authentication? CA Gen 8.5, 8.6 client/server applications

    CA Gen Auto Number creating a record on an Oracle Sequence Table
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The Toolset will create a derived name when it generates the name of the sequence object in the DDL. There is an existing Oracle database that has a table where the primary key was defined using a sequ

    CA Gen: JAVA build error: code too large
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The generated java method is too large and it signals the compiler to fail. Its little difficult spl The following workaround may get around the error. 1. At a command prompt do the following command: The CA Gen java compile fails during the build process with the error 'code too large'.

    CA Gen: LoadModule.EXE has stopped working
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The Gen 8.5 Toolset and Runtimes were compiled with Visual Studio 2010, so all of the Gen entries in (1)Test the application from the Build Tool because the Build Tool is programmed to understand VS201 Attempting to start a load module from Windows Explorer and get the following message.  <LoadModu

    CA Gen: 3270 Emulator Configuration for seamless upload/download using the Toolset
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The attached document describes the basic steps necessary to configure the Toolset and one of the su How can a 3270 emulator be configured to work with the Gen Toolset to do seamless uploads and downlo

    CA Gen: GUI Assemble error: error LGHT0204
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The problem resides with the WIX compiler that is used by Gen. But, it turns out that the assembly a Assembly of GUI Clients fail when using all numbers for the Product Name.    error LGHT0204 : ICE39:

    CA Gen: LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'mfc140.lib'
    Thu Apr 09 2020...A generate and install was done when OPT.BUILD_SRC was set to NO. Next, A generate and install was d When trying to generate and build W900 from the Sample Model, a link error occurs. According to the

    CA Gen: CSU-Error bad state detected.
    Thu Apr 09 2020...Clicking on the 'Implement in C, C# and Java with decimal precision' for the changed attri Get the following error when flowing from a windows GUI application to a mainframe server: "CSU

    CA Gen: RDWT: cannot read control file for data code -11
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The error means the ief0000.dat file was corrupted and cannot be repaired. The only recourse is to g When opening a model with the CA Gen Toolset, the following error occurs. RDWT: cannot read control

    CA Gen: Oracle 12C support for Build Tool
    Thu Apr 09 2020...Rebuild the TIORADDL.EXE with Oracle 12c 32 bit client.   If using Visual Studio 2010, the directory In the process of upgrading from CA GEN 8.0 to 8.5 and unable to get the Build Tool to recognize Ora

    CA Gen: Client Server Encyclopedia CSE Reports are blank
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The CSE Client Icon properties for "Start in" is the default location where all the CSE Re Modify the CSE Client Icon properties for "Start in" to be %userprofile% and the error is When creating CSE Reports from any CSE Client, the result is an empty notepad.  The message flow is

    CA Gen: LINK : fatal error LNK1123: failure during conversion to COFF: file invalid or corrupt
    Thu Apr 09 2020...This is a Microsoft problem. If you do not have the SP1 for Microsoft VS2010 installed, install it. After installing Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012) on a Windows workstation with Microsoft Visua

    CA Gen: .NET Proxy User Exit TCPIPDynamicCoopFlowExit.cs
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The Retry for condition connection reset by peer (10054) occurs when the server starts successfully The errors that are captured in the exit are difficult to test. To validate that the exit is working

    CA Gen: Client Server Encyclopedia's (CSE) cse_config command fails on Windows.
    Thu Apr 09 2020...There are two workarounds to this problem. Change the SQL Server UserID's password to remove an... After installing the Client Server Encyclopedia (CSE) software, running the CSE configuration utilit...

    CA Gen: Microsoft Test Container
    Thu Apr 09 2020...Microsoft Test Container The Gen Technical Requirements has the following statement of support in th... In Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 and previous releases, Microsoft released its Test Container as an e...

    CA Gen: The OLE Object Browser for CA Gen 8.0 Application Library is blank.
    Thu Apr 09 2020...This problem occurs after creating a MSI using the Build Tool and installing the MSI on the same mac... The OLE Object Browser will show CA Gen 8.0 Application Library in the drop down list, but there is ...

    CA: Gen: Build Tool build errors LNK1123 and NMAKE fatal error U1077.
    Thu Apr 09 2020...This is a Microsoft problem. If you do not have the SP1 for Microsoft VS2010 installed, install it. ... Installing Visual Studio 2012 (VS2012) on a working CA Gen workstation with VS2010 installed may cau...

    CA:Gen: Window Design Issue
    Thu Apr 09 2020...To delete the menu item by doing the following.  1. Turn on the Common Edit Modifications (CEM)  2. ... When deleting an item from the Menu Design Window in Gen Toolset, it’s not reflected in the window d...

    CA Gen: LINK : fatal error LNK1104: cannot open file 'LIBC.lib'
    Thu Apr 09 2020...Linking in LIBC.LIB is usually due to an External Action Block (EAB).  Microsoft continually changes... During the link step of a Windows Client, the Build Tool fails and produces the following error in t...

    CA Gen: Blank procedure steps in Toolset after checked out subset
    Thu Apr 09 2020...The reason why procedure is not showing in the list of Action Diagrams, is because the correct Busin... After successfully checking out a subset, click 'Diagrams' -> 'Action Diagrams... Release : 8.5 Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset...

    Is it possible to copy a CA Gen model from a Client Server Encyclopedia (CSE) to a Host Encyclopedia (HE) and preserve common ancestry?
    Wed Apr 01 2020...It is not possible to copy a model from a CSE to HE and preserve the common ancestry because the imp... CA GEN 8.6 > Encyclopedia > Client Server Encyclopedia > Using the Client Server Encycloped... Is it possible to copy model(s) from a CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia (CSE) to Host Encyclopedia ... Release : 8.6 Component : CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia, CA Gen Host Encyclopedia...

    CA GEN - INLINE code timing routine
    Wed Apr 01 2020...The video in the link below shows the inline code to be inserted into an action diagram.     https:&... Is there a need to have some mechanism to check the amount of time certain sections of code were tak...

    How to upgrade a CA Gen Windows CSE to CA Gen 8.6
    Wed Apr 01 2020...1. Check Operating System and Database compatibility support for the CSE in the CA Gen 8.6 Techdocs ... For further information see CA Gen 8.6 Techdocs section: Upgrading to a New Release Using the Databa... This article describes how to upgrade an existing CA Gen Windows CSE to CA Gen 8.6.... Release: 8.5, 8.6 Component: CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia...



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