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RE-Read Look Up Tables

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  • 1.  RE-Read Look Up Tables

    Posted 02-09-2020 12:36 AM

    Hi All;

    When GEN client-calling server to read Look up tables 

    it using a lot of resources of memory and time response
    specially  if the client call  many of look ups  in the same window
    like country  then state then department then …..
    Is there any solution form GEN can keep the read data on the client side? 

    Without need to Re-read again Look up tables

    OS windows
    DB: DB2 on MVS
    Target Language: Java client & server
    Application server: WebSphere
    browser: IE9

  • 2.  RE: RE-Read Look Up Tables
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    Posted 02-09-2020 06:21 PM
    Hi Tarek,
    Is this is purely a client side resource usage problem and programmatically you know you don't need to call the server again to re-read the data because it has not changed?
    This might too simplistic an answer, but if yes have you considered storing the previously read lookup table data in local views? You can also disable the "Initialize on every entry" flag for local views if that feature is needed (
    Hope it helps

    Lynn Williams
    Senior Principal Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: RE-Read Look Up Tables

    Posted 02-10-2020 12:47 AM


    Drawback of this approach in the Java (Web) world is the very significant increase of session size, but it's the easiest way to reduce the delays.

    As best alternative, I would go for some EAB that fetches a shared version of the lookup data. This could be kept in memory, for fastest access.

    Christian Kersters

  • 4.  RE: RE-Read Look Up Tables

    Posted 02-10-2020 01:39 AM
    thanks Lynn;

    option "Initialize on every entry" flag for local views
    will  help in one  PROC  it self  what i mean  here  to  fetch all the Look Ups Data  from  start point  in the Application and keep the data Pass for  All  Application
    without need  to Re-Read  [one read multiple use]  as if the session of Application open  by user

    I think Christian more close to my idea by EAB but I am looking for GEN solution if we can

  • 5.  RE: RE-Read Look Up Tables

    Posted 02-10-2020 02:42 AM

    If you want the process to be managed by Gen, the best solution would be to have an EJB do the job.

    You can use uninitialized local views on the server as well. Then, once the views have been populated, the EJB will return all of them at once, again and again, without the need to re-read the DB.

    Limiting the maximum of instances of that EJB should further enhance performances, because all instances in the pool will likely have to read the DB.

    Christian Kersters