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CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for November 2019

  • 1.  CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for November 2019

    Posted 12-02-2019 09:40 PM

    Here is the November list of New & Updated CA Gen Knowledge Base Articles (November 1-30). The full list of KB articles can be found on the CA Gen Product Information page here:

    CA GEN 8.6 CERTIFICATION WITH ORACLE 18C AND 19C Fri Nov 29 2019...Gen Product Management has advised that the latest status for Oracle 18c and 19c certifications are as follows: a. Oracle 18c is already certified for Gen 8.6 applications This article describes which parts of CA Gen 8.6 are currently certified with Oracle 18c and what are the future certification plans for both Oracle 18c and 19c. LAST UPDATE: 29-11-2019 15:16    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    HOW TO VIEW FULL CASE DISCUSSION IN CA SUPPORT PORTAL CASE MANAGEMENT Fri Nov 29 2019...There is a new Wolken feature "Unified History" where the full case discussion history with support can be accessed. Under Case Management when click on each case How to access the full history of the case discussion in the Broadcom CA Support Portal Case Management (Wolken Service Desk) LAST UPDATE: 29-11-2019 14:58    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    HEADING DIFFERENCE BETWEEN GEN 7.0 AND GEN 8.6 COM PROXY ASP PAGE FOR REPEATING GROUP VIEW Fri Nov 29 2019...The Server PStep has a repeating group view with multiple views for the same entity Product and attribute Code within it so the heading name for each of those views This generator change cannot be reverted so the workaround is to manually change the Gen 8.6 .asp file to force the UI behaviour to be the same as Gen 7.0 CA Gen LAST UPDATE: 29-11-2019 14:33    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    FOR CA GEN UPGRADE HOW TO GET THE TILPARMS MEMBER FROM THE LAST RELEASE JCL TO THE NEW RELEASE JCL LIBRARY? Fri Nov 29 2019...Two Methods: 1.  When doing the TSO %CEINSTAL or %ITINSTAL with the new Gen release libraries allocated to the session, select opt 1, opt 1.        Enter the current CA Gen upgrade. TILPARMS JCL CEINSTAL ITINSTAL LAST UPDATE: 29-11-2019 14:31    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN 8.6 COM PROXY ASP HAS DATE/TIME FORMAT DIFFERENCE COMPARED TO GEN 7.0 (MISSING LEADING ZERO) Thu Nov 28 2019...It was found that for the latest Windows OS versions the date format needs to be propagated to all accounts so that the account running the IIS service picks it On the Windows Server 2016 machine running the Gen 8.6 COM Proxy. Using Control Panel/Region: a. In the Formats tab set the Short date format to be dd/MM/yyyy. b LAST UPDATE: 28-11-2019 11:46    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN .RMT FILE IS NOT CREATED Mon Nov 25 2019...After an CA GEN upgrade, no remote (.rmt) files are created when generate z/OS Cobol Code via CA GEN Construction Client. The RMT folder is empty. When generating Batch Code using the 8.6 CSE, there are 2 generation options, Batch Job or Batch Job Step. When select Batch Job, no RMT files are generated. If LAST UPDATE: 25-11-2019 13:35    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    HOW TO IDENTIFY WHAT OPTIONS WERE SELECTED FOR CA GEN CLASSIC STYLE JAVA PROXY GENERATION Fri Nov 22 2019...1. When the Additional Programming Interface "Asynchronous" has been selected for a Classic Style Java Proxy generation/build the generated source code in file . For the CA Gen Classic Style Java Proxy, this article describes how to check if generation options for Additional Programming Interfaces Asynchronous or XML have LAST UPDATE: 22-11-2019 08:25    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    NEED HELP DISABLING WARNING FOR CA GEN IMS LICENSE Mon Nov 18 2019...The TP Monitor is set to IMS as the target application platform. Change the TP monitor on the "Specify Target Environment and Parameters" panel from option 5 in Host Construction (Specify target environment and construction libraries LAST UPDATE: 18-11-2019 10:35    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN WEB SERVICE WIZARD SHOWS MESSAGE THAT THE JAVA PROXY GENERATOR OR RUNTIME IS NOT INSTALLED Fri Nov 15 2019...Support could only recreate the first message "The Java proxy generator is not installed..." if the Java Proxy generator executable file PYG.EXE is renamed so that To add the Java Proxy feature after initial install:  - Go to Control Panel\Programs and Features.  - Use right mouse button on "CA Gen 8.5" or  "CA Gen 8.6" and LAST UPDATE: 15-11-2019 14:38    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN 8.6 GUI APPLICATION HAS 3D LOOK AND FEEL COMPARED TO GEN 8.0 VERSION Thu Nov 14 2019...The Gen 8.0 application has an associated manifest file built by the Build Tool which refers to Microsoft Windows Common Controls version 6. The Gen 8.6 application Build Tool C Profile token OPT.APPMANIFEST can be used to create an application manifest file (<load module>.EXE.manifest) which refers to "Microsoft.Windows.Common-Controls  LAST UPDATE: 14-11-2019 13:07    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN CALL EXTERNAL RUNTIME TIRXCWS ERROR MESSAGE CODE 322 Thu Nov 14 2019...The 322 is not a documented http code and the suspicion is that it is coming from the system that is hosting the web service being called by the Call External statement This article covers how to diagnose the root cause of runtime function TIRXCWS error code 322, received when a Common Action Block (CAB) uses the Call External statementLAST UPDATE: 14-11-2019 12:31    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    HOW TO CONNECT FROM A REMOTE CA GEN BUILD TOOL (BT) SERVER TO A BT CLIENT TO RETURN THE BUILD RESULT. Fri Nov 08 2019...When a CA Gen Build Tool (BT) client sends a request to the BT server's listening port, the BT client opens an ephemeral port and sends the port number and the client's This article explains how to connect from a remote CA Gen Build Tool (BT) server to a BT client in order to return the build result.LAST UPDATE: 08-11-2019 13:15    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN DIAGRAM TRACE UTILITY CONNECTION SEQUENCE FOR CLIENT/SERVER TRANSACTIONS. Fri Nov 08 2019...If the Gen server is running under a Transaction Enabler (TE), the server itself only connects to aefad. The aefuf is connected to the aefad listening port (-c) The article explains the CA Gen Diagram Trace Utility connection sequence for client/server transactions when using the Transaction Enabler.LAST UPDATE: 08-11-2019 11:56    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    GEN 8.6 HOST ENCYCLOPEDIA SESSION ALLOCATIONS Tue Nov 05 2019...For this error when entering the Gen Host Encyclopedia, check your session allocations by entering the following from the command line within your session:  TSO When enter Gen Host Encyclopedia and get message: "PARAMETER FILE ERROR.000"  LAST UPDATE: 05-11-2019 10:35    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    AFTER ADD NEW PERMITTED VALUE CA GEN RUNTIME CODE EXECUTES "WHEN PERMITTED VALUE VIOLATION" Fri Nov 01 2019...The Oracle DDL generated for the attribute is the following.     <ATTRIBUTE_NAME> CHAR(1) NOT NULL        CHECK (<ATTRIBUTE_NAME> IN ('P', 'S', 'N', ' ')), Before This article describes the root cause of CA Gen runtime code executing "WHEN permitted value violation" after addition of a new permitted value LAST UPDATE: 01-11-2019 15:30    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

    CA GEN CODE GENERATION/INSTALL WARNING MESSAGE: DSNT226I Fri Nov 01 2019...Customer using an unsupported IBM bind parameter DBPROTOCOL(PRIVATE). This warning is about the bind option of DBPROTOCOL(PRIVATE) which is no longer supported by IBM. The bind continues without error but a warning is given. Gen defaults LAST UPDATE: 01-11-2019 15:04    TYPE: Knowledge Base Articles

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