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CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for February 2020

  • 1.  CA Gen New & Updated Knowledge Base Articles for February 2020

    Posted 03-09-2020 11:59 PM
    Here is the February list of New & Updated CA Gen Knowledge Base Articles (February 1-29). The full list of KB articles can be found on the CA Gen Product Information page here: Gen
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    Enforce default values with DBMS selection

    Thu Feb 27 2020...A change was made in Gen r8.5 (and this change is also in Gen r8.6).  If the Toolset Technical Desig Criteria used to enforce default values with DBMS selected or not selected. Summary: In Gen r8.6, when compiling an Action Block, developers can see in the COBOL generated sour Release:Gen 8.5 and 8.6 Component:

    Unable to get Broadcom Support Online Certificate, "authentication required"

    Fri Feb 21 2020...-First of all, logout from our portal -Clear the cache as browser may have stored the error -Enter u Broadcom Support Online Certificate: SMP/E Receive facility. Customer is following steps from & Follow these steps:  1-Register on Broadcom Support. 2-Go to the Broadcom Support Online Certificate

    Upgrade from CA Gen 8.0 (or 8.5) to CA Gen 8.6 and distinguishing between model versions which all have same schema level '9.2.A6'

    Tue Feb 18 2020...1. Gen 8.x models all use the same metamodel schema '9.2.A6' and therefore can be used by This article summaries how to distinguish between CA Gen 8.0 and 8.6 models (same schema '9.2.A If upgrading from CA Gen 8.5 to 8.6 IR1 the same information can be used. Upgrading from CA Gen 8.0 to CA Gen 8.6.  During the transition process from 8.0 to 8.6 it needs to Upgrade to CA Gen 8.6

    Using CA Gen with the COBOL V5 or COBOL V6 Compiler

    Mon Feb 17 2020...CA Gen PTFs for COBOL 5 or COBOL 6.1 The CA Gen support for COBOL 5.x was added in 8.0 (HE) with the After upgrading to COBOL V5 (5.x) or V6 (6.1), CA Gen customers have experienced compile problems su Both COBOL 5.x and COBOL 6.1 have been certified for use with CA Gen 8.5 and CA Gen 8.6 Host Encyclo CA Gen 8.x IBM COBOL 5.x and above compilers

    CA Gen CSE SQL to update Dynamic Linking properties for Business Systems and RI Triggers

    Mon Feb 17 2020...At Business System level the Dynamic Linking property is schema object TECHSYS property LKEDOPTS whi This article describes the CA Gen CSE SQL needed to access and update Dynamic Linking property for B CA GEN 8.6 > Using the Toolset > Environment > Environment Parameters Dialog CA GEN 8.6 > We intend to change all CA Gen 8.6 z/OS server code to use dynamic linking.  While some screens Release : 8.6 Component : CA Gen Client Server Encyclopedia

    CA Gen 8.6 certification with Oracle 18c and 19c

    Thu Feb 13 2020...Gen Product Management has advised that the latest status for Oracle 18c and 19c certifications are This article describes which parts of CA Gen 8.6 are currently certified with Oracle 18c and what ar CA Gen applications and CSE support for Oracle Database Server 18c CA GEN 8.6 > Technical Require What is the current certification status and future plans for CA Gen 8.6 with Oracle 18c and Oracle Release : 8.6 Component : CA Gen Workstation Toolset

    CA Gen 8.6 Java Proxy build fails with "Could not find the main class:"

    Tue Feb 11 2020...The class is provided in the Gen Build Tool jar file "C:\Program File Upgrade the Java JDK to 1.8 and change Build Tool token LOC.JDK_HOME to that install location. This article covers the root cause of the CA Gen 8.6 Java Proxy build failing with message "Cou From CA Gen Community post: Gen 8.6 Complete Release and Java Proxy Build Under CA Gen 8.6 Complete (PTF level WKS86200) building Gen 8.6 sample model Java Proxy for server P

    Queston about DBRM Generation - Timestamp?

    Fri Feb 07 2020...Set VERSION in the bind options as VERSION(AUTO) which will put a timestamp in the DBRM. Timestamp in DBRM? Customer has noticed that Generated/compiled DBRMS do not have a "Date/timestamp" Release : 8.6 Component : CA Gen Host Encyclopedia

    CA Gen DTU value change panel for a DBCS attribute displays extra single byte spaces after the defined length of the attribute.

    Tue Feb 04 2020...It is only a cosmetic problem that it looks like there is more than the defined length of the attrib This article describes that CA Gen DTU value change panel for a DBCS attribute displays extra single CA Gen DTU value change panel for a DBCS attribute displays extra single byte spaces after the defin Release : 8.6 Component : CA Gen

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