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Volunteers Needed: Beta Testing ECI v1 and v2

  • 1.  Volunteers Needed: Beta Testing ECI v1 and v2

    Posted 03-06-2020 04:08 PM

    CA Gen will soon support ECI v2 as one of the middleware choices for Gen C clients (GUI, COM Proxy and C Proxy) to communicate with Gen COBOL servers on CICS.  ECI v2 provides the ability to send more than 32K of data on each cooperative flow by utilizing Containers. ECI v2 also allows the CICS Transaction Gateway (CTG) to be located on a different machine than the client applications.  This allows for a smaller client footprint and for the configuration/administration of the CTG to be centralized. CA Gen will continue to support ECI v1 for backward compatibility.


    We are looking for beta testers to give us feedback on functionality and quality. The feature enables users to select ECI v1 or v2, so we welcome both user types. Are you available?

    Who: ECI v1 or ECI v2 users

    When: A beta version will be available within the next couple weeks. 

    How to sign up: EMAIL ME I'll make sure you're a member of the CA Gen project on

    What to expect:

    1. Before you begin:
      1. You will need to have IBM's CICS Transaction Gateway installed and configured to communicate with your CICS regions. 
      2. To take advantage of Containers, you will need to use the IPIC network protocol.  This requires configuring TCPIPService and IPCONN resources on your CICS regions.
    2. When the beta version is ready, I'll upload it to and message you.
    3. Then you will sign into your account and go to your CA Gen project.
    4. You will access the beta package in the Resources>Pre-Release Drops section in the left menu.
    5. You can submit feedback in Validate (left menu) or email
    Have a great day!

    Kim Peelman
    Product Owner, CA Gen