Gen 8.5 compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 - update

  • 1.  Gen 8.5 compatibility with Internet Explorer 11 - update

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 08-10-2015 08:34 PM

    We have had some IE11 related problems raised recently so hopefully the following will help any other users who encounter similar issues:


    1. New COREQ PTFs for Generator (GEN85018/RO83408) & Runtime (RTJ85009/RO83409) have been published to resolve Gen web application problems when running under IE11

    In brief Gen web apps require IE Compatibility Mode to be used & these PTFs fix up some problems with the META tag used to automatically enable that mode when running under IE11.


    2. Under IE11 clear field 'X' button can appear at the end of entry fields on a Gen web page.

    Due to the Gen requirement to use IE11 Compatibility Mode the normal suggested workaround of adding "ms-clear {display: none;}" fails to stop the clear field button being displayed. Further details can be found on the web e.g.

    Research by Gen Support indicates that there is some internal IE11 algorithm which only displays the clear field button depending on the field length and font size being used.

    Workaround to avoid the 'X' overlapping the final data in the field are:

    • Either widen the field
    • Or increase the field font size slightly. Going from 9pt -> 10pt has been shown to be enough to stop the 'X' being displayed e.g.


    For existing applications where fields have already been precisely sized to fit within a busy window this is the more practical workaround and in the Toolset the Entry Field font size can be easily changed for the whole application at Business System level under Video Properties->Window ->Entry Fields