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STIG Articles for CA Cleanup for ACF2, Top Secret, and IBM RACF

  • 1.  STIG Articles for CA Cleanup for ACF2, Top Secret, and IBM RACF

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    Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) articles explain how to secure your products, environment, and users. STIG articles enhance the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data and infrastructure for customers using our Mainframe security products. For example, a STIG article can highlight key password phrase fields and values to implement for stronger access controls.

    When applied to your Mainframe security product, the security standards decrease the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information. We provide these security standards as guidelines. Before you implement these standards within your production environment, especially with large user populations, we recommend that you evaluate the specified standards in a local, representative test environment. 

    Use the following links to access CA Cleanup STIG articles:

    ·       CA Cleanup for ACF2
           CA Cleanup for Top Secret
    ·       CA Cleanup for RACF

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