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Requirement to be able to export Alerts to a GDG on Mainframe

  • 1.  Requirement to be able to export Alerts to a GDG on Mainframe

    Posted 13 days ago

    I know I can use the exp function to export the alerts.  But that requires a pre-allocated dataset.  And someone to actually perform the EXP function

    I would like to set up an automation process that will export the Alerts into a GDG
    GDG would need to be dynamically allocation
    Space should be driven from a panel (probably new function) in Netmaster
    And I want to automate it for a daily creation

    If I had a command I could enter from the MVS Console, I could use OPS/MVS to issue the command at end of day

    I can probably set up some SMS ACS routine to provide the storage space requirements

    At this time, Netmaster requires the Dataset to be pre-allocated.

    The other issue is not all the fields are exported.   We would like to also see in EXP the following fields Alert Description/Alert Text

    Alert Description

    Alert Text
    LPR1: CICSX - ASRA ABEND in tran AA01.
    This error occurred on Wednesday, 04/07/21, at 10:51:45.

    Does this sound like something you might want to see implemented?

    Or do you know of a way to do this in Netmaster 12.2?

    Thank you

    Lizette Koehler