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New Feature - View NetMaster Product Usage Details

  • 1.  New Feature - View NetMaster Product Usage Details

    Posted 12-02-2019 01:51 PM
    For NetMaster Network Management for TCP/IP, NetMaster Network Management for SNA, NetMaster Network Automation, NetMaster File Transfer Management

    In order to provide greater transparency and traceability to our users, we've added several new subcommands to the $$SYSPRO command:
    $$SYSPRO USAGEBYUSER - Product Function usage by user
    $$SYSPROUSAGEBYME - Your Product Function usage statistics
    $$SYSPROUSAGEBYHOUR - Product Function usage by time
    $$SYSPROUSAGEBYHOURANDUSER - Product Function usage by time and user
    $$SYSPROUSAGEBYHOURANDUSER BYDAY - Product Function usage by time and user for each day

    These new displays give users the ability to view in detail how the products are being used within their environment.
    By default, usage data is collected for 366 days. The data is stored locally within the product and this feature can be activated or inactivated via the $NM FUNCTIONUSE parameter group.

    This data can be shared with the NetMaster development team to help us better understand how our products are being used by our customers and to help direct our future development efforts.

    Note that data sharing is optional and the collected data is stored solely at the customer site. Instructions for how to use this feature can be found in our TechDocs documentation platform.

    The release notes can be found here:

    This functionality was provided by PTFs SO10850, SO10961, SO10730

    Please join our validation program and work with us as we continue to improve NetMaster!