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Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

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  • 1.  Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Posted 06-15-2018 09:19 AM

    We are implementing SSM (yes finally) and trying to follow best practices of starting OPS/MVS from ACF2 startup parmlib member CAIACF00 ,but OPS never starts.

    In SYS1.PARMLIB(CAISEC00) we have the following:

    ACF2(00 START)

    Then in SYS1.PARMLIB(CAIACF00) we have the following:


    ACF2 initializes successfully, but the start for OPSMAIN is never submitted.


    Any obvious answers?   

  • 2.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-15-2018 05:12 PM

    Hi Leo,


    After reading your question I wonder where you might have read about this best practice. I've looked at the ACF2 documentation and see that the use of CAIACFxx parmlib member contains parameters that apply to the ACF2 system that is started via CAISECxx. I see no reference to the statement you specific to attempt to start OPSMAIN.

  • 3.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Posted 06-18-2018 07:53 AM

    Not sure if it was in documentation or if it was a discussion at the CA Technical Conference in Pittsburgh, but I thought the best practice was to start ACF2 via SYS1.PARMLIB(CAISEC00), but like you said there is no specific documentation on how to issue a command upon successful initialization so I opened an issue and was told to use the COMMAND parm in SYS1.PARMLIB(CAIACF00) member. Was pointed to the Console Operator Commands Summary section of the ACF2 documentation to explain the COMMAND parm.

    I'm just trying to find the best way to start my system using SSM with ACF2 and OPS/MVS. 

  • 4.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-20-2018 12:15 PM

    Hello Leo,


    It is possible to start OPS first and then ACF2. This is in the CA OPS/MVS documentation:


    How to Start the Product - CA OPS/MVS® Event Management and Automation - 13.0 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    Once ACF2 completes initialization you can issue the F OPSx,RESTART(SECURITY) command as instructed in the link above.




    Carlos Mario Filho
    Principal Support Engineer

  • 5.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Posted 06-20-2018 12:22 PM



    Yet your same company says do not do that. A little consistency would be nice. Obviously your systems run both OPS and ACF2. How is it done in your shop?

  • 6.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-20-2018 04:25 PM

    Hi Leo,


       Starting ACF2 using CAISEC00 is the correct way to go.  Security needs to be active before everything except items that IBM must start to get z/OS running.  After ACF2 is done, control is passed to COMMND00.  You should add START OPSMAIN,SUB=MSTR there, and then let OPS/MVS start everything else that is not a SUB=MSTR.



    Ken Suchomel

    CA ACF2 Support

  • 7.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Posted 06-21-2018 03:09 AM

    That is exactly what we did when we still had ACF2 lpars


    Marcel van Ek


  • 8.  Re: Starting OPS/MVS from CAIACF00

    Posted 06-21-2018 10:18 AM

    Thank you Ken for the correct answer. Much appreciated.