SET NORULE Performance Impact for DB2 Rules

  • 1.  SET NORULE Performance Impact for DB2 Rules

    Posted 08-22-2019 02:20 PM
    ​When I originally developed the code to support the building of resource rule directories, masked keys, etc., performance was not an issue since it was done only at initialization time and very infrequently after that  And, for the most part it still is not an issue.

    However, our DB2 people have run into situations where they would like to do the SET NORULE on the DB2 Started Task to reload/rebuild a critical rule.  The SET NORULE eliminates and rebuilds ALL the dataset and resource rules and the resource rule directories.  This will impact the DB2 processing -- but the question is how much and for how long?

    Has anyone done this and what was your experience with any performance impacts that might have occurred because of this?



    Barry Schrager
    Bank of America