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CA Automation Point Tuesday Tip: AP r11.5 Patches

  • 1.  CA Automation Point Tuesday Tip: AP r11.5 Patches

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 03-31-2015 01:38 PM

    The CA Automation Point sustaining engineering team has developed the following three patches that include the fixes listed below. These patches are cumulative, so includes fixes from, and includes both and Please open a case with Technical Support for delivery of the Patches.


    Fixes included in (Problem #: 732):


    - 00045564: Added more message IDs to the list of messages displayed during NIP so that the console driver can detect when the console is in NIP mode.


    - 00061503: Fixed problem with applying schedule changes for individuals and groups from the NM Website. Attempting to commit schedule changes would result in the changes not getting applied and no confirmation message.



    Fixes included in (Problem #: 730):


    - Reject extra arguments for the ADDRESS GLV PURGE command.


    - Fix ADDRESS GLV SELECT to accept only supported subcommands.


    - Fix deadlock (HAN ABEND) on ADDRESS AXC SESSCMD "@EXIT" command.


    - Added support to our SSH client for the CTR encryption cipher mode (aes128,aes192,aes256).


    - Only log the "Found NULL in old screen image" ASOTRACE message if /tt trace flag is turned on.


    - 22051128: Modified to allow 0xfe character to be part of the screen data on a TN5250 connection. Without this fix, the screen would stop being drawn when the 0xfe character was found.


    - 21936371: Prevent a previously deleted session definition from stopping the creation of a new session with the same name.



    Fixes included in (Problem #: 727):


    - Fixed typo in OOREXX detection logic in the apcmosi.rex program.


    - Poodle remediation.


    - Fix bug introduced in AP115 that causes SSH_MSG_IGNORE messages to be sent to the host every 60 milliseconds instead of every 60 seconds of inactivity.


    - 21966092: Dom Action Message - Allow action messages captured from the built-in OPS session to be added to the action message table. This allows the GETMSGI processor to retrieve these action messages and the DOM processor to DOM these messages.


    - 22031560: Products Stop Working On Every log roll. Every two days, when the rules engine forced a log roll at midnight, the AP Desktop would get into a deadlock condition and crash after 8 minutes.


    - 21947161: Fix traceInMem exception caused by wrong number of vs-style parameters.


    - 22004570: If multiple Remote Viewer clients request the same session window at nearly the same time, the Remote Manager service would crash.


    - 21936380: Under certain conditions, the Session Definition Set dialog within the Configuration Manager application would not allow the user to enable a session.