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RFPREFIX Enhancement with CSM

  • 1.  RFPREFIX Enhancement with CSM

    Posted Oct 13, 2015 12:18 PM

    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem when trying to install a new product with CSM but if the prefix you have entered in "GIMUNZIP Temporary Prefix" is too long, when you try to receive the base product you will fail stating "THE RFPREFIX OPERAND EXCEEDS THE 26-CHARACTER MAXIMUM." Currently the field GIMUNZIP Temporary Prefix requires that a prefix from 12 - 19 characters be entered, but I have found that in this case entering a 17 character prefix, while valid from CSM currently, may append characters that exceed SMP/e's 26 character max.


    My thought was that the GIMUNZIP Temporary Prefix field can be changed to have a max of 14 characters (instead of 19) to hopefully give enough space for any other suffixes CA may need to add for the install and stay within SMP/e's 26 character limit.