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CA Chorus Software Manager 6.0 Generally Available

  • 1.  CA Chorus Software Manager 6.0 Generally Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Apr 30, 2014 04:45 PM

    This release offers many new features and enhancements to simplify how you install, configure, deploy, and maintain your software.

    To learn more about this release and about how it can help you, visit the CA CSM 6.0 bookshelf and/or check out the following release highlights:

    Product Configuration without Deployment

    CA Chorus Software Manager (CA CSM) now lets you configure products without the need to deploy them first. You can still configure a product from a configurable deployment, and you can also configure a product that is installed in an SMP/E environment.

    In addition, you can now configure products to a staging system.

    Manage Multiple Zones in an SMP/E Environment

    CA CSM now lets you filter target zones in a multizone SMP/E environment and organize them in zone sets.

    You can maintain (applying regular, CA Recommended Service (CA RS), or FIXCAT (fix category) maintenance), configure, and deploy products that are installed in a zone set. Doing so increases your productivity as you work with a subset of zones from the SMP/E environment.

    Automatic Maintenance Update

    CA CSM now lets you schedule an automatic maintenance update for all or some products that are installed in an SMP/E environment. You can select to only download maintenance regularly, or download maintenance and receive it into the global zone of the SMP/E environment. Doing so helps you maintain products that are installed in your SMP/E environments easier and faster, and always have the latest maintenance in place.

    New Maintenance Wizards

    CA CSM now lets you manage product maintenance in a unified and simplified manner. Use the new wizards for processing regular maintenance, CA Recommended Service (CA RS) maintenance, or FIXCAT (fix category) maintenance, and tailor the maintenance processing to fit your needs. For example, you can switch between online and offline mode, or you can run APPLY CHECK first.

    Apply CA RS Maintenance to Multiple SMP/E Environments

    CA CSM now lets you apply CA RS maintenance to multiple SMP/E environments at once. This enhancement helps you save time when applying maintenance to your products, especially when you have products that are installed in many SMP/E environments.

    Report on All SMP/E Environment Zones

    CA CSM now lets you generate a report for your SMP/E environments using the LIST ALLZONES command. This report provides information from the SMP/E environment global zone and all of the target and distribution zones that the ZONEINDEX subentries define. This enhancement helps you obtain information about your SMP/E environments faster and easier.

    Add External Packages from Any FTP Location

    CA CSM now lets you add an external installation package and an external maintenance package from any CA Technologies FTP server or your FTP server. This feature gives you more flexibility in adding external packages to your system.

    Identify ZAPs in Maintenance Wizards

    CA CSM now identifies ZAP packages among maintenance packages that you selected for processing, and check them for duplication. If more than one ZAP package updating the same product module is detected, CA CSM excludes it from processing together with any package that is dependent on it. The excluded ZAPs and related packages are listed on the Summary step of a maintenance wizard. This enhancement streamlines and clarifies the maintenance processing for you.

    Single Signon with CA Chorus

    If you use CA Chorus, you can now log in to CA CSM without re-entering your credentials. To be able to do so, configure your system to support PassTickets.

    New Documentation

    We added the following documents:

    Quick Start Guide This guide provides an introduction to the CA CSM user interface and an overview of the CA CSM user documentation.

    Installation Checklist This guide describes a checklist for the CA CSM installation process.

    Upgrade Checklist This guide describes a checklist for the CA CSM upgrade process.

    We also added the following scenarios:

    -Administering the CA CSM Database

    -Configuring Products Using CA CSM

    -Installing Products and Maintenance when CA CSM Has No Internet Connection

    -Managing Tasks Using CA CSM