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Tech Tip: How to activate INQUIRE APPSTAT in SOLVE:Access

  • 1.  Tech Tip: How to activate INQUIRE APPSTAT in SOLVE:Access

    Posted Aug 17, 2015 09:56 AM

    If you want VTAM to check the status of applications you can use the following approach:
    1. Define the Applications for which you want the status to be inquired by commands
       APPLSTAT APPL=applname
       It is convenient to place these commands into procedure $ACINIT so that they are executed every time SOLVE:Access is started.

    The application status is set in an NCL global variable with name &&000applname. The status set can be one of the following: ACTIVE, INACTIVE, NOLOGONS, UNKNOWN, UNAVAIL and NOTAPPL

    The frequency of checking by VTAM can be influenced by System Parameter APPLSTIV. The default value is 300 (5 Minutes) and can be changed as follows:
    a. Enter /PARMS oder =A.C.P at any Panel
    b. Select Parameter Group $AC ACINIT
    c. Hit PF4 to enter Update Mode, then change the value of „Application Status Interval“
    d. Hit PF6 to let the change become effective.
        If you hit PF5 you see the Initialization Log which contains these messages:
         Sysparm APPLSTIV=600


    With SHOW SYSPARMS=APPL you see the list of applications for which INQUIRE APPLSTAT is active and the current valid inquire interval.