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New TSO-Option PASSWORDPREPROMT affects NCL Logon Scripts

  • 1.  New TSO-Option PASSWORDPREPROMT affects NCL Logon Scripts

    Posted Oct 20, 2015 07:59 AM

    With z/OS 2.2, there is a new option for TSO available, PASSWORDPREPROMPT={ON|OFF} with OFF being the default.
    When activating that option you need to enter Userid and Password together in one screen. Then you are informed if the provided combination is valid or not. If not, you are logged out of the session.
    So you will not see the old Logon screen after entering the userid alone:


      ------------------------------- TSO/E LOGON -----------------------------
      Enter LOGON parameters below: RACF LOGON parameters:
      Userid ===> xxxxxxx
      Password ===>                   New Password ===>
      Procedure ===> pppppppp         Group Ident ===>
      Acct Nmbr ===> nnnnnnnn
      Size ===> 2048
      Perform ===>
      Command ===>

      Enter an 'S' before each option desired below:
      -Nomail -Nonotice -Reconnect -OIDcard

    For SOLVE:Access this new Option has the consequence that you need to check your NCL written Logon script for TSO. It likely needs to be changed due to the changed data flow between terminal and TSO. A good approach is to logon to TSO without the ACL being active and trace all input from the terminal and all panels received from TSO; finally rewrite the ACL.