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Presence at SHARE in Pittsburgh

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jul 29, 2014 11:57 AM
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    Next week, SHARE will be coming to the City of Pittsburgh, with events kicking off Sunday Evening.


    Representatives from the CA Event Management & Automation team (consisting of Pittsburgh-based products, including Automation Point, OPS/MVS,  MIM, and SYSVIEW) will be in the booth as well as presenting. Here are the details:

    • CA Automation Point and OPS/MVS:
      • Monday, Aug.4 @ 1:30pm

    In this session the speaker will “Share” several automation use cases where BCPii increases reliability and availability, and potentially helps to reduce costs.  Helpful time saving tips, sample REXX code, as well as pain points to avoid when working with BCPii will also be covered.  Come to this session and get educated on one of the more recent features that demonstrate IBM’s and ISV’s commitment to making z the most industrial strength platform on the planet.           

    Click here to access the SHARE link:                                  

    Summer 2014 Pittsburgh: Leveraging BCPii in Automation


      • Monday, Aug.4: 4-7pm and Wednesday, Aug. 6: 10am-1pm
        • Product Owner Tim Brunner will be at the booth to share insight into the progress with the upcoming 12.2 release as well as explain some OPS/MVS basics. Other topics include the Chorus Operations Discipline and CA Automation Point. If you'd like to meet with Tim outside these time periods, please contact him at


      • Tuesday, August 5: 4-7pm
        • Tyrone Lastoria of the OPS/MVS Sustaining Engineering team will also be in the booth to provide product insight and address any in-depth questions.
    • CA MIM:
      • Thursday, Aug. 7 @ 3pm
        • MIM Sr. Software Engineers Sujay Solomon (solsu01) and Jason Tucker (tucja02) will be presenting on the following topic:
          • 16085: z/OS Serialization Topics: ENQ downgrade, MIM

            This session will contain an overview of serialization in z/OS. In addition, the speaker will cover a recent GRS/BCP enhancement to allow a unit of work to relax its ownership of a shared resource to allow more work to process. The speaker, a representative from MIM development, will also cover recent MIM enhancements including zIIP enablement and other cool new features.  This session, intended for both the seasoned veteran as well as the zNextGen attendee, is a must see!


            Click here to access the SHARE link:

            Summer 2014 Pittsburgh: z/OS Serialization Topics: ENQ downgrade, MIM

    • SYSVIEW:
      • Tuesday, Aug. 5 @ 4:15
        • Come and Meet the Tom Quinn and Todd Gagle from the SYSVIEW Development Team
          • 15862: CA SYSVIEW History and Meet the Developers

                                     CA SYSVIEW Performance Management has been around for many years.  Come meet the CA SYSVIEW product manager, architects and developers and learn about

                                     the evolution of the product.  Get an update on the latest CA SYSVIEW r14.0 GA release and future roadmap.  Question and answer panel with the CA SYSVIEW team.

                                     Click here to access the SHARE link:

                                     Summer 2014 Pittsburgh: CA SYSVIEW History and Meet the Developers


    Attached is a copy of all SHARE sessions, with the dates, times, and presenters. If there are any additional questions, please feel free to reply or contact the appropriate CA Technical Support Team. We'll see you @ SHARE!!!