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  • 1.  View jobs on monthly calendar (pictorial representation)

    Posted Oct 25, 2016 09:33 AM

    Please take a look at the screenshot of a utility that has been developed in-house to support a particular application area.  The premise is that the utility will show top-level jobs/boxes that have date conditions.  The functionality is somewhat limited due to the specificity of the requirements given.  However, I am adding it to the communities to see if there is interest by CA and others with getting a similar view available within the tools that CA offers (i.e. WCC or iDash). 


    We find this tool to be a valuable way of knowing which jobstreams are processing on any given day and also to find days with little/no activity for purposes of maintenance activities.


    Please let me know of any questions or interest!


    Batch Calendar

  • 2.  Re: View jobs on monthly calendar (pictorial representation)

    Posted Oct 26, 2016 11:48 AM


    I did not see any responses to this so I thought I would add some input.


    Most scheduling customers run thousands of jobs per day. Hopefully it would be able to handle 50,000 or more for a single calendar day.

    With that in mind.

    If there are 50,000 jobs in the same day, are they searchable and in any special order or does it just become cluttered?


    Thank you..

  • 3.  Re: View jobs on monthly calendar (pictorial representation)

    Posted Oct 26, 2016 11:54 AM

    Thanks for the discussion!  Some thoughts…



    1)      These are top-level boxes and all of the detail jobs contained within are not shown.


    2)      The thought is that the jobs shown are filtered based on application (in our case by the first two characters of job_name).  Whatever the naming strategy and EEM access, though, if it were to be offered by CA…this should fit into that model quite well.