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Improving the Customer Experience - Potential New CA Support Offerings Transcript

  • 1.  Improving the Customer Experience - Potential New CA Support Offerings Transcript

    Posted Dec 17, 2014 04:07 PM
    Don Stanley :Hi All - We'll be starting in just a few minutes. Please hold any questions until we announce the start. Thanks!



    Lenn Thompson - CA :Good morning everyone. Thank you for joining us. Today's session will be led by Don Stanley. Don Stanley is the Vice President of Mainframe Support at CA Technologies.



    Don Stanley :I’d like to thank everyone for your attendance today.  Throughout the entire company, CA Technologies is actively looking at where we can improve the overall experience for our customers – searching for ways to make it easier for you to interact with us.  CA Support is at the center of this journey and we want to leverage the communities to get feedback not only on our current Support offerings and the value they provide, but also to determine new Support offerings that would provide value to you and other customers.  



    Don Stanley:Do you have any suggestions on how we can improve our Support offerings?



    Don Stanley :What is your preferred channel to get a question resolved? Do you prefer Web, Chat, Email, Telephone, CA Support Online, Other?



    Ken Jenkins :Your knowledge base by product is a start if you lcan use keywords but most times I need phone for concept issues



    Ken Jenkins :My main focus is usually on improving performance redcuing run times, probably true for most of us



    Ken Jenkins :If I can use a specific key like a reserved word but if it involves a how to then I run into semantic problems between how I define something and CA, and other vendors as well



    Ken Jenkins :Also when changes are made like needing to add the reslib for IMS Easytrieve needs to be announced and not just a blurb in the manual.



    Greg Kelly :@Ken Jenkins - when you contact CA Support - do you routinely note in the issue your prefered contact method?



    Ken Jenkins :yes



    Marysue Redd :@Ken Jenkins   I do understand that the 'vernacular' on products can be a 'stumbling point'...if you have a concern, it would be great to ask for a call back and we (support) can help point you to relevant technical documents



    Don Stanley :Online Chat is a tool used to provide real-time transmission of messages. Several CA Support teams such as Spectrum, Clarity, and Workload Automation Autosys Edition (AE) have introduced online chat to allow customers to ask questions and obtain a quick response without requiring an issue/case to be created. Have you tried online chat? What are your thoughts about it? Would you like online chat for additional products?



    Ken Jenkins :I do and I also request that the documention be changed .Performance tips should also be a major part of your documentation. For exam[ple when call to COBOL is added to an EASYTRIEVE program run time can grow exponentially because ENVIRONMENT COBOL is not specified on the PARM, this can cause your users to want to not use your product



    Don Stanley :@Ken - Thank you for the input on the Knowledge base documents.  We will continue to look for ways to improve that method



    Don Johnson :Also, for anyone that has opened a case after searching unsuccesfully, please let us know how you searched, so we can consider adding other keywords to the relevant documents.



    Don Stanley :Are you satisfied with the amount of effort that you need to put in to get your issues/cases resolved? Do you have suggestions to reduce the effort you provide to have your cases resolved?





    Ken Jenkins :I am satisfied



    Don Stanley :@Ken - Excellent.  Thank you.



    Don Stanley :With offices in over 30 countries, CA Support provides language support during regional business hours in 16 different languages. Does our language support meet your business needs?



    Lenn Thompson - CA to J Wayne Lashley :Good morning, Wayne. Do you have any feedback for the support team? If so, please Send .



    Don Stanley :My next three questions are related to Severity 1/production down issues... Would you be interested in formal root cause analysis of your Severity 1 issues?



    Don Stanley :Would you be interested in more aggressive (30 minute) response time to initial call/contact to CA Support for your Severity 1 issues?



    Don Stanley :Would you be interested in direct routing to senior engineers for your Severity 1 issues?



    Ken Jenkins :I would agree with the quicker response time



    Don Stanley :CA Support provides you with the opportunity to request notifications for all components/products your licensed for (or only for desired products/components). You can request Critical Alerts for high impact problems, Advisory Alerts for lower impact problems, and product update information. Do you find these subscription levels helpful? Would you like to receive other subscriptions? If so, please specify.



    Ken Jenkins :I like getting notifications for just those products that I wokr with



    Don Stanley :@Ken - Are you receiving Hiper notifications today?  Have you signed up for the other proactive notifications?



    Don Stanley :What about other channels... Are you interested in mobile customer support applications for smartphones and tablets?



    KenJenkins :Yes I get the hiper and some others. I am an applications programmer so I can;t intall or maintain the products but at least I can check with my tech support to let let them know that it will or will not affect us



    Don Stanley :@ Ken - Good Feedback.  Thank you



    Ken Jenkins :I am not interested in mobile support at this time, but I can't speak for the rest of the company



    Don Stanley :Do you have regular (monthly, quarterly, annual) Support review meetings?



    Ken Jenkins :No we don't. Would be nice though.



    J Wayne Lashley :Hi Lenn, I do not have any feedback or questions at this time. I am interested in seeing what questions arise and what "potentially new CA Support offerings" might be suggested. Thanks.



    Don Stanley :@Ken - I will have someone follow up with you on the support review meetings



    Don Stanley :CA Support Online and Communities allow you to access knowledge articles, Tuesday Tips, discussion boards, access to your issue history and more... Besides the earlier mentioned enhancement regarding reserved words and performance tips, what else can CA Support do via communities or CA Support online to help you find knowledge?



    Ken Jenkins :Remember I am the end user not intalller



    Ken Jenkins :Wish I could type and spell better



    Don Stanley :@Ken - Understood



    Don Stanley :During this call we asked quite a few questions about certain Support offerings. What additional Support offerings would you like to see CA Support provide?



    Ken Jenkins :Can't think of any at the moment



    William Loikets :Would you like to have the ability to customize CA Support websites so that they better meet your particular needs?



    Ken Jenkins :Seems like I have the ability to do some of that now that is sufficient for me



    Don Stanley :Any additional topics that anyone would like to cover before we conclude today?



    Ken Jenkins :In the future I would really prefer audio for the presenters



    Don Stanley :@Ken - Thank you for the suggestion.  This format is consistent with the sessions known as "Office Hours".  However, I am happy to schedule a quarterly workshop that will have audio.  Please look for one in late January.



    Ken Jenkins :OK



    Don Stanley :To confirm, are you suggesting audio for everyone or just the presenters?



    Ken Jenkins :No just the presenters



    Don Stanley :@Ken - I will get that scheduled.  We will follow up once it is on the schedule.



    Don Stanley :Thank you again to everyone for attendance.  That concludes today's session.