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CA TIPP for TPX: List of Users with last logon date.

  • 1.  CA TIPP for TPX: List of Users with last logon date.

    Posted Feb 03, 2014 03:53 AM

    If you want to clean up your ADMIN2 file from all users not having logged on for a long time you find help here:

    First, create a TPXBATCH job listing all users with their last logon date (that date is stored in field VUSRDACC). Fiel 'aaa.bbb.REPORT' is preallocated with FB=80:


     //SORTING  EXEC PGM=SORT                                  
     //SORTIN   DD   DSN=aaa.bbb.REPORT,DISP=SHR                
     //SORTLIB  DD   DSN=SYS1.SORTLIB,DISP=SHR                  
     //SORTOUT  DD   DSN=aaa.bbb.SORTREP,DISP=SHR               
     //SORTWK01 DD   UNIT=SYSDA,VOL=SER=vvvvvv,SPACE=(CYL,(2,2))
     //SORTWK02 DD   UNIT=SYSDA,VOL=SER=vvvvvv,SPACE=(CYL,(2,2))
     //SYSOUT   DD   SYSOUT=A                                   
     //SYSIN    DD   *                                          
      SORT FIELDS=(17,2,CH,A,14,2,CH,A,11,2,CH,A)             

    The result is a list like this:

    SAMPLE output
      -------- ----------
      TPX123   09/03/10
      TIERTEST 09/09/11
      HIHEWRS  10/17/11
      FRANK    04/05/12
      TPXADMIN 10/17/12
      GILHA03  05/22/12
      MEYER    01/26/12
      ERWIN    07/10/13
      PIEALE1  10/30/13


    From here you can decide which users may be removed from ADMIN2 files because they have not logged on for more than x months or years.

    More details are available in technical document TEC604439.