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Bug fix regarding FDR Innovation FATSCOPY and 14.0 upgrade

  • 1.  Bug fix regarding FDR Innovation FATSCOPY and 14.0 upgrade

    Posted Jun 16, 2017 05:57 PM

    FDR Innovation had changed the process in which they call the TLMS TLMSCMD module.This change created a conflict that was not discovered until the new processes of the TLMS 14.0 upgrade were implemented.


    An OPEN command by the main module was issued for TLMSCMD via




    to be carried out by module #2.

    Another requested OPEN without issuing a CLOSE for the first OPEN call was being issued.


    They have added a CLOSE to TLMSCMD before the next open.

    The error will look like this.



    DSN=DSN.NAME,VOLS=#####,TOTALBLOCKS=####    <<<<<Output tape created, means the input tape was mounted                                                                                                 and read/copied



    TLMSCMND : INIT_SUB FAILURE RC IS NOT 8.  <<<<< Here, FATSCOPY at the end of copying the data from the input                                                                                  tape behind the scenes goes to the VMF record for the output tape and                                                                                  tried to update fields such a s create job, create date, and the                                                                                  keepdate/retention information to match the values from the VMF record                                                                                  of the input.  This is not working after the upgrade to 14.0 of TLMS.


    FDR Innovation has developed a patch P-49.3016 to fix this which is not available through CA Technologies. Please contact FDR Innovation for the patch.