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CA XCOM Data Transport now supports Passphrases & Oracle Database

  • 1.  CA XCOM Data Transport now supports Passphrases & Oracle Database

    Posted Sep 27, 2018 05:39 AM

    New Solutions are available for XCOM Distributed platforms that includes support for:

    • Passphrase
    • Oracle Database



    The maximum length of the password fields PASSWORD, LPASSWORD, and FILE_ACCESS_PASSWORD (Windows) is increased up to 100 characters. Means the new range of password characters is 0-100 to support passphrase input. Use of passphrase increases system security by providing a bigger number of possible character combinations compared to using a standard password.

    Oracle Database 

    The database support has been extended to Oracle Database. Now you can configure Oracle Database for managing your history records and performing trusted transfers.


    You can download solutions from support.ca.com and apply on respective platforms to take the advantage of new enhancements. See below for Solution details:


    Windows: SO05626

    Linux: SO05627

    IBM AIX: SO05628

    Oracle Solaris Sparc: SO05629

    Oracle Solaris x86: SO05630


    Click below to access updated documentation:

    Unix & Linux platforms: updated documentation

    Windows platforms: updated documentation#