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CA Mainframe Application Tuner enhancements to Java support, ADABAS/Natural support and Export command

By Ekaterina Tumanova posted 11-29-2018 01:09 PM


The CA Mainframe Application Tuner product team is excited to announce several new features for our customers this quarter:


CA MAT Java support updates:

CA MAT version 12.0.01 now supports many more customer usage scenarios. 64-bit Java 6, 7, and 8 are supported for the following environments:

  • WAS Core
  • WAS Liberty standalone
  • WAS Liberty running in CICS
  • Batch java

The CA MAT team has done a major rework of the Java agent and we now are able to trace Java classes down to the line of code. All environments listed above can now show Java Classes, Java Methods, and the Line numbers.  We can also display the DB2 SQL for all the listed scenarios.


The CA MAT team has added features to allow you to filter results and more clearly focus on the problem areas of your applications. You can now set global filters for Java classes which will apply to all Java analysis. Additionally CA MAT allows you to specifically include or exclude Java classes from the filters. Thus giving a high degree of control over the analysis process and saving unnecessary overhead.


These changes are available in ISPF interface, as well as in Eclipse GUI.




Get this enhancement by applying PTF  SO06316


NOTE: We are always looking to improve Java support. If your scenario is not supported, please reach out to your Product Manager (



ADABAS/Natural automatic source code registration:

CA MAT v12.0.01 now automatically registers program source for the Software AG Natural fourth-generation programming language when a Histogram is requested and the program is not already registered.
Programs can still be registered manually; however, now you don’t need to first use a Software AG utility to extract the listing into a sequential file or PDS.
The transfer facility also allows Natural programs previously registered from a PDS to be moved into the new Natural listing manager.



Get this enhancement by applying PTF SO06253


EXPORT command for ISPF panels update:

In CA MAT v12.0.01 the team enhanced the header section of exported screen using EXPORT primary command to include information about the job. This simplifies the comparison of multiple measurements.


Get this enhancement by applying PTFs SO06100 and SO06101




Ekaterina Tumanova,

Principal Product Manager

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