CA Endevor

Multi-Factor Authentication now available for Endevor REST API, Eclipse plugin

By Peter McCullough posted 03-29-2019 12:02 PM


Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) support is now available for the CA Endevor SCM V18 web services component. 


Support for MFA is delivered with PTFs SO07729 & SO07730; the CA Endevor SCM v18 product documentation has been updated to provide information about how to activate MFA.


The Endevor Eclipse plugin has been updated to exploit the MFA enhancement. (The plugin is backward-compatible/ operational if the REST API MFA enhancement PTF has not yet been applied.)


You can download and update the Eclipse UI from the public update site: through your installations Eclipse-based IDE. If you do not have access to the public repository, you can find the latest version of the Eclipse UI in a zipped format at the following location: and share the files locally within your environment. Review detailed steps in the Install the Eclipse UI documentation section for more details.