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Join us Every Month for "Mainframe Security No-Fail Fridays"

By Lenn Thompson posted 03-14-2016 02:03 PM



New threats and looming regulations – there are no days off when it comes to security. Mainframe security solutions from CA Technologies are designed to work across the security lifecycle, from identity and access control to data protection to compliance.


To keep you up to date on what’s new, we’re hosting Mainframe Security No-Fail Fridays. On the fourth Friday of every month, you’ll hear about our latest updates, point-of-views, and the tips you need to control, find, classify, alert, inspect, audit and protect your mission-essential mainframe data.



Upcoming Mainframe Security No-Fail Friday 2017 Sessions:

March 31: Hide and Seek with CA Data Content Discovery 

April 28: TBD

May 26: TBD

June 23: TBD


Mainframe Security No-Fail Friday 2017 Replays:

January 27: 7 Mainframe Security Predictions for 2017 (Watch Replay)

February 24: Strengthening Mainframe Access Control with Multi-Factor Authentication (Watch Replay


Mainframe Security No-Fail Friday 2016 Replays:

January 29: Getting started with Data Classification in Data Content Discovery (Watch Replay)

February 26: What's new in CA Top Secret R16.0? (Watch Replay)

March 25: What's new in CA ACF2 R16.0? (Watch Replay)

April 22: Implementing granular security controls in CA Top Secret (Watch Replay)

May 27: From the Trenches of Advanced Authentication (Watch Replay)

June 24: Discover Sensitive Data at Rest and in Motion with CA Data Content Discovery (Watch Replay)

August 26: Implementing Granular SecurityControls in CA ACF2 (Watch Replay)

September 23: Your Mainframe, Encryption, and Safe Harbor – What is Changing? (Watch Replay)

December 2: Alert, Inspect and Protect with CA Compliance Event Manager!  ( Watch Replay)