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Release of CA Mainframe Resource Intelligence Db2 for z/OS Report

By Jakub Hofman posted 11-10-2020 07:02 AM


What is Solutions Assessments – Db2 for z/OS Report?

Mainframe shops (database administrators, application developers, system programmers, storage administrators, and management) often struggle to understand the value of their investment in IBM® Db2 for z/OS and related applications. Db2 for z/OS evolves quickly, leveraging continuous delivery, and it is critical to any business to stay current on new features and functions. To address these concerns, CA MRI has a fast and easy to implement solution for you: the Solutions Assessment – Db2 for z/OS Report.

What information does it provide?

As the latest addition to the CA MRI catalog, Solutions Assessments – Db2 for z/OS Report is designed to let you quickly assess the complexity and size of your Db2 environment, generate reports to help you optimize your database management system (DBMS) investment, and possibly help in achieving cost reductions, modernization, and data protection. The follow information is provided:

  • Summary—Active and inactive Db2 subsystems and links to CA Database Management Solutions for Db2 for z/OS materials.
  • How Modern is My Db2—Db2 version information, use of deprecated table space types, package host languages, package and plan versions.
  • Recommended zParms—Default zPARM settings and best practice recommendations to tune your environment.
  • Importance of Db2—Db2 subsystem, catalog, and table information
  • Security—Open TCP ports, privileged users, and use of encryption.

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