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CA DBM 20 GA IR 8 is now Available

By Andrew Badgley posted 04-05-2019 02:40 PM


CA Database Management Solutions 20.0 for z/OS Incremental Release update DBM 20 GA IR 8 was made available March 29, 2019.  PTF #SO07807.


With this announcement, note that DBM 20 GA IR 8 will be the last incremental update (bundled group of features and fixes) for Version 20.0 of the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS. We will no longer bundle fixes and enhancements in increments. Instead, we will now provide new features as individual product PTFs, separate from product fixes. Fixes will now be delivered when needed, separate from product features.


Here is a list of some of the enhancements included in this update:


Post-install and common enhancements:

  • Snapshot General Services has improved performance and provided CPU time reduction when using z/OS DFSMSdss services as a copy method.
  • CREATE DDL statements, generated by the CA Database Management Solutions for DB2 for z/OS, for the following deprecated objects on a Db2 12 subsystem running V12R1M504 are still executable:


  •       Simple tablespaces (SEGSIZE=0, PARTITIONS=0)
  •       Segmented tablespaces (SEGSIZE greater than 0, PARTITIONS=0)
  •       Traditional index controlled partitioned tablespace (ICP) (SEGSIZE=0, PARTITIONS greater than 0)
  •       Traditional table controlled partitioned tablespace (TCP) (SEGSIZE=0, PARTITIONS greater than 0)
  •       Synonyms


Affected products include CA RC/Query® for DB2 for z/OS, CA RC/Migrator™ for DB2 for z/OS, CA RC/Compare™ for DB2 for z/OS, CA RC/Update™ for DB2 for z/OS, and CA Log Analyzer™ for DB2 for z/OS


CA Fast Unload® for DB2 for z/OS (CA Fast Unload) enhancements:

  • Support for common table expressions has been added when you specify SQL-ACCESS ONLY or EXTENSION. Common table expressions are specified by a WITH clause that precedes the SELECT statement.


CA SYSVIEW® Performance Management Option for DB2 (CA SYSVIEW for DB2) enhancements:

  • Multiple IQL reports were enhanced to report the computation of the aggregated DB2 service wait time, detailed statistics, and event counts.
  • Multiple remote location reports were enhanced to use metrics CONVERSATIONS-SENT (QLSTCNVS) and CONVERSATIONS-RECEIVED (QLSTCNVR).
  • The PKG-RLIMIT-TYPE field in the (003) ACCT trace record was updated to support the new value 16 Limit.
  • Additional authorization error messages are now printed into the data collector job log for simplified analysis of authorization issues.
  • The list of user ABEND codes was added to the product documentation.


A complete list of enhancements can be found in the product documentation.


If you would like to learn about what is being developed as it is being developed please join the CA Db2 Tools 20.0 Validation Project to participate in Sprint reviews and have access to early APARs for some enhancements.

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