The Brocade IBM SAN Resource Site

Welcome to the IBM First Mover Advantage site (or other name) where the Brocade SAN experts help you win your Storage and SAN solutions.

Here you have access to a variety of resources including:
  • Web Based Training ranging from basic SAN through advanced SAN design, management, and troubleshooting.
  • Sales Collateral including presentations, articles, and papers that help you understand and articulate the benefits that storage networking brings to IBM storage and server solutions.
  • SAN Sales Reference Manual (SSRM) is your one document for all products, models, features, and part numbers for IBM b-type storage networking
  • SAN Health providing a simple but powerful tool that provides the client a detail assessment of their current storage network environment, highlighting all areas of concerns, essential before connecting Flash storage.
  • The IBM SAN Team - Engage us early in the process with your SAN opportunity. We have a team dedicated to you and help build configurations, pitch the solution, and increase your overall revenue.

Brocade Education Curriculum Paths 3-3

Quick access to SAN Health, communities, education, documentation, etc. for Brocade customers.

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