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"ITMS 8.x - Jobs & Tasks with dynamic filtering and audit information" report 

04-18-2019 05:40 AM

"ITMS 8.x - Jobs & Tasks with dynamic filtering and audit information" report

Report can help to overview all existing tasks and jobs in database and help to remove unnecessary old items from database.


This custom report provides ability to choose:

  1. exact type of task/job
  2. task/job only from appropriate Solution product of ITMS
  3. specify possible name of task/job to see only required

"Task/Job type" drop-down menu offers lot of different Items from different Solution products of ITMS

For example: Only 'Quick Delivery' type task is chosen

By mouse right click, you can schedule task/job, open it in a new window to see its current task instance(s) state and also open "Reports" (Reports will be available for Quick Delivery tasks)


To import this custom report:

  1. Download attached "Job(s) & Task(s) from ITMS with dynamic filtering and Audit information.xml"
  2. Open Symantec Management Console -> Reports -> All Reports -> Mouse right click menu on root "Reports" folder -> Import



This report was created on ITMS 8.1 RU7 (Should work for 7.6, 8.5)

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