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ITMS 7.6 | Agentless WMI Performance Metrics Pack 

04-09-2015 01:04 PM

Description about custom agentless policy

This custom "Agentless Monitor pack" contains agentless "WMI" metrics which are monitoring agentless computers performance and Altiris Services performance as well.

image2015-4-8 22-3-2.png

You can download this attached "ITMS 7.6 Agentless performance counters monitor packs.xml" and import it on your server where SMP and Monitor Solution 7.6 is installed.


  • These monitor policies were created, using 7.6 release but it should work in 7.5 SP1 as well.


How to import custom monitor policies .xml file:

1. Download attached .xml file

2. Open SMP Console and go to "Monitoring and Alerting" main page ⇒ open "Import Monitor Pack" page ⇒ click "Add" ⇒ "Browse" and choose downloaded .xml ⇒ click "OK".


3. Chosen .xml agentless policy will appears in list of other monitor packs ⇒ click on this custom agentless pack and click "Schedule" ⇒ click "Now"


After this you will have available new folder with all these agentless monitor policies.

Other details about this agentless monitor policy:

1. Each agentless metric has poll interval after each 5 minutes. (You can always increase or decrease this 5 minutes poll interval of metric from "Metric Library")

2. Most part of these all metric rules are "Metric Collect" rules, which means that they will only collect metric data but not trigger the Rule condition and raise alert in Event Console. (You can always create separate "Metric Rule" and use existing metrics to set required Rule condition for further rule triggering and alert raising in Event Console)

3. There are some metric rules created and if they will be triggered, then you will have raised alert in Event Console from monitored resource and also will receive an email notification.


4. To receive emails with content about triggered Rule from appropriate monitored resource, you need to make sure that you have correct SMTP settings in "Notification Server" settings


And also make sure that you have set correct email address (or mail address group) in this "Send email" task (Then after Rule triggering, all required people will receive information about this alert and alert's content)



Example of received mail alert about triggered Port metric rule on monitored resource


Note: You can always change HTML style: font, background color or even add additional "Monitor Tokens" in body of HTML in "Send email task"


List of available Monitor Tokens, which you can use in "Send Email" task to receive required info



List of agentless "WMI" metrics from this agentless monitor pack:

"Altiris Service" process - Handle Count

"Altiris Service" process - % CPU Usage

"Altiris Service" process - Memory Usage (Bytes)

"Altiris Service" process - Thread Count

"Logical Disk"  - % Free Space

"Logical Disk" - % Idle Time

"Logical Disk" - % Read Time

"Logical Disk" - % Write Time

"Logical Disk" - % Utilization Time

"Logical Disk" - Free MB (_Total)

"Physical Disk" - % Idle Time

"Physical Disk" - % Read Time

"Physical Disk" - % Write Time

"Physical Disk" - % Utilization Time

"Network Adapter" - Current Bandwith

"Network Adapter" - Total Bytes per Sec

"Physical Memory" - % Commited Bytes in Use

"Physical Memory" - Available Memory (MB)

"Physical Memory" - Commit Limit

"Physical Memory" - Commited Bytes

"Processor" - % Idle Time (_Total)

"Processor" - % Utilization Time (_Total)

"Task Server" - Average time for task operation

"Task Server" - Deadlocks count

"Task Server" - Task operations count

"Task Server" - Total pending operations

"Task Server" - Total tasks

"SQL Server" process - % CPU Usage

"SQL Server" process - Handle Count

"SQL Server" process - Memory Usage (Bytes)

"SQL Server" process - Thread Count

"Symantec Management Agent" process - % CPU Usage

"Symantec Management Agent" process - Handle Count

"Symantec Management Agent" process - Memory Usage (Bytes)

"Symantec Management Agent" process - Thread Count

"Altiris Object Host Service" process - % CPU Usage

"Altiris Object Host Service" process - Handle Count

"Altiris Object Host Service" process - Memory Usage (Bytes)

"Altiris Object Host Service" process - Thread Count

"CTDataLoad Service" process - % CPU Usage

"CTDataLoad Service" process - Handle Count

"CTDataLoad Service" process - Memory Usage (Bytes)

"CTDataLoad Service" process - Thread Count

"W3WP App Pools" - Failed Requests (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Requests In Total Bytes (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Requests Out Total Bytes (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Succeeded Requests (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Timed Out Requests (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Total Errors (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Total Requests (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Total Sessions (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Transactions Aborted (_Total)

"W3WP App Pools" - Transactions Total (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Bytes Received (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Bytes Sent (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Bytes Transferred (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Files Received (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Files Sent (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Files Transferred (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Get Requests (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Head Requests (_Total)

"W3WP" - Total Logon Attempts (_Total)

"W3WP" Service process - % CPU usage

"W3WP" Service process - Handle Count

"W3WP" Service process - Memory Usage (Bytes)

"W3WP" Service process - Thread Count


How to discover computer from network and use this discovered agentless computer to be monitored by "Agentless Monitor Policy"

1. Open SMP Console ⇒ "Home" ⇒ "Discovery and Inventory" ⇒ "Network Discovery"

2. Click "New" ⇒ will appears "Create Discovery Task" window where you will see "Connection Profile" drop down menu and by default it uses "Default Connection Profile".


Note: If you will use "Default Connection Profile" for Network Discovery task, then all discovered computers will be monitored by "RMS" plug-in using only "Default Connection Profile".


PC_1 is discovered by 1st "Network Discovery" task, using "Default Connection Profile"

"RMS" plug-in monitors using "Default Connection Profile" for this agentless "PC_1", because PC_1 was discovered using this profile.

PC_2 is discovered by  2nd "Network Discovery" task, using 2nd new custom "Connection Profile"

"RMS" plug-in monitors using "2nd New Connection Profile" for this agentless "PC_2", because PC_2 was discovered using 2nd profile.

Pay attention on that you're using correct credentials for WMI, SNMP, HTTP protocols in "Connection Profile" because during agentless monitoring, some metrics can be turned to unavailable for appropriate discovered computer, due invalid credentials, etc.

You can always change credentials for appropriate protocol in Connection Profile and then on next policy refresh or "RMS" plug-in restart it will use updated new credentials.


3. When you have discovered computers via "Network Discovery" task, then you can open your "Agentless Monitor" policy and create required "Resource Target" to include there these computers for further agentless monitoring.

Note: Of course you can add in "Resource Target" your managed endpoints as well (servers with installed SMA) and monitor them as well.


After save changes, next policy refresh will receive this monitor policy on "RMS" plug-in installed server and agentless monitoring will be started.




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05-31-2015 12:39 PM

Added additional metric rules to monitor different service state:


Attached updated policy with new metric rules "ITMS 7.6 Agentless performance counters monitor packs (No2).xml"

05-05-2015 02:31 PM


Sometimes protocols default "Time Out" value isn't enough to establish successful connection to agentless monitored resource and this can be root cause of "Unavailable Metric" state. To increase protocol time out, open "Default connection profile" and set appropriate time out.

As example for WMI:


2. Re-uploaded a new updated "ITMS 7.6 Agentless performance counters monitor packs.xml", where "Send Email" task has corrected tokens names to see more clear list of who is monitoring and which resource is monitored where Rule is triggered.

3. Added list of available "Monitor Tokens" which can be used in "Send Email" task to see more information about raised alert from monitored resource.

4. ASPNET Performance metric returns value "0"

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