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Tech Tips: Panvalet Compatibility with z/OS 2.1

Panvalet is not hardware dependent. Panvalet current supported release is V14.6 and is compatible with z/OS 2.1.

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Tuesday Tips: CA Jobtrac Workload Automation/aftering upgrading to z/os 2.1 you are now seeing invalid scroll amount

This was first observed after an upgrade to z/OS 2.1 but maintenance t o ISPF may introduce the problem to previous releases.                 SYMPTOMS: The scroll amount changes to invalid value when you...

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Tuesday Tip:  Do I need to reassemble the CA 1 exits if I am staying at the same release of CA 1 but upgrading to z/OS 2.1?

The exits for CA 1 in general would not need to be reassembled when going to a new release of the operating system.  Any exit that actually links into an IBM library, such as SYS1.LINKLIB or SYS1.LPALIB would need to be installed into the new SMP libraries for z/OS 2.1.  This would...