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CA Vantage Web Client 14.0 - Getting Started

This is the first video of the new series of videos that will cover the new functionalities of the new CA Vantage Web Client. Help us produce better videos by telling us which contents you will like to see and learn more about.

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CA Spectrum: WebClient Enhancements

CA Spectrum has enhanced their WebClient which will help users to address alarms more effectively. In addition, they have added topology view in the WebClient. Watch this video to learn more about these enhancements.

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CA Spectrum Webclient - What, Why, How..

Hello Team, After x64, there is tremendous interest in the CA Spectrum webclient. We are very excited as well, and there is a demo scheduled for the community too. While we do that, I wanted to make the team aware of our rationale behind the work and also our thinking direction. The idea is...