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Tuesday Tip: XCOM PLEXQ facts

Here are some tips if you are looking to take advantage of the XCOM PLEXQ feature: 1. How do I activate the PLEXQ feature with XCOM r11.6 or r12? Answer: Modify the value of parameter PLEXQ= in your CONFIG member. 2. How do I know if a XCOM STC is connected to a PLEXQ? ...

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Tuesday Tip: XCOM r11.6 Hyper fix RO72740

If you have applied fixes RO70385 and/or RO72065 to CA XCOM r11.6 for z/OS, please make sure to apply Hyper fix RO72740. Hyper fix RO72740 will prevent the CA XCOM task from hanging whether or not it's using the XCOMPLEX or PLEXQ feature.