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Perl SDK - Nimbus::PDS::asHash (Array refactoring)

Hi,   Recently, one of my customer identified a issue on my probe static enrichment . Some parts of the SNMP-TRAP QoS was deleted by my probe and not republished on the final message. After few analyse of these QoS i identified that the deleted parts of each PDS was an Array Type ( PDS...

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Tech Tips: How to copy members from a Librarian Master File to a PDS.

You can copy selected members or all members from a Librarian Master File to a PDS. Example below: //********************************************************************************************************************** THIS SAMPLE JCL WILL USE THE GROUP PROCESSING OPTION TO COPY...

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This mock-up shows a new 'constraint' option to enable a 'created' element to be constrained to valid PDS member names for use when adding new elements to an existing Mainframe environment that might use Reverse Delta PDS for the element storage.