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Change in CA JCLCheck DB2 Interface requirement

After applying CA JCLCheck PTF SO01444, CA JCLCheck will no longer require the libraries containing the DB2 Call Attach Facility routines ( programs DSNHLI2 and DSNALI) to be present in the JOBLIB or STEPLIB of the address space in which CA JCLCheck was invoked.  As long as the DB2 job...

Library Entry
CA JCLCheck enhancement to MCOSYS and MCOUSR options

If you are currently using MCOSYS and MCOUSR option, an enhancement to this option was added with APAR #: SO01359.  This enhancement alters MCOSYS and MCOUSR to allow you to change only messages that currently have a certain severity level.   For example,  suppress the...

Library Entry
CA JCLCheck trace and debugging option

To help with diagnosing potential problems, Broadcom Technical Support may request that the CA JCLCheck runtime option CAISUPT(37) be added to your JCLCheck job execution.   Runtime option CAISUPT(37) produces a list of CA JCLCheck modules that are invoked (during the JCLCheck...