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Autosys Job definitions Import / Export Options ?

Hi All, I just want to confirm can we import our Job definitions in Autosys DB without importing the Machine details first. In dSeries there was import/export utility by which we can import the schedules with the respective calendars from old environment to new envt. However, later on i needed...

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Is there a uninstaller for the instance which created in Autosys for unix machine?

I want to uninstall the instance which created in #autosys11.3.6 for unix machine?

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Chaps, I have installed r11.3.6, I have set myself up as superuser EDIT/EX but cannot run any commands (jil chk auto up etc) but I can, if i log in as root or autosys, could it be a passwd issue somewhere, any advice would be great #autosys11.3.6 #discussiononautosys