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Early Support Statement for Windows 10 for IT Management Suite customers 

07-31-2015 11:53 AM

Initial testing of Windows 10 performed by Symantec shows that a wide range of the current version of IT Management Suite functionalities can be used to manage these systems. The Symantec support statement specific to IT Management Suite 7.6 HF3 can be found here.

The early support functionality currently includes the following components and solutions of IT Management Suite:

  • Symantec Management Agent
  • Inventory Solution
  • Patch Management Solution
  • Power Scheme
  • Real-time System Management
  • Software Management Solution
  • Task Management

Symantec will issue a full support statement for IT Management Suite once the full testing of Windows 10 is performed and all the known limitations are addressed.

For questions related to Windows 10 and Symantec Endpoint Security, go here.

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10-01-2015 01:43 PM

Full Windows 10 Support Statement specific to IT Management Suite 7.6 HF4 is available here:


08-27-2015 11:49 AM

Any news on trying to deploy windows 10 with ITMS 7.5 HF5?

08-03-2015 10:06 PM

We are running 7.5 SP1 HF5 and with some Filter modifications, we have installed the SMA, Inventory, Software, and Patch Agent on a Win10 64-bit computer.  Seems to be functioning well so far.

08-03-2015 08:33 AM

What about 7.5? Isn't that version supported until 2020?

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