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Consolidated list of user community monitor packs 

06-19-2012 05:59 PM

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  1. Biztalk
  2. BlackBerry - Basic
  3. BMC Entuity
  4. CiscoWorks
  5. DNS - Additional Rules Pack
  6. Domino - Basic Services
  7. EMC
  8. HDD - Hardisks Predictive Failure Status
  9. HP Management
  10. HP Proliant Windows Agents and Events
  11. HP-UX - Basic
  12. Meridio DM Web Service
  13. MS Active Directory - Addtional Rules Pack
  14. MS Exchange - Basic
  15. MS Exchange - Updated Sept 2009
  16. MS SharePoint
  17. MS SQL - (2005/2008) - Updated July 2009 (MS7)
  18. MS SQL - Basic (MS7)
  19. MS SQL - Update June 2009 (MS7)
  20. MS Windows - Account Management (MS7)
  21. MS Windows - Audit Policy (MS6)
  22. MS Windows - Audit Policy (MS7)
  23. MS Windows - Computer Account Management (MS6)
  24. MS Windows - Computer Account Management (SMP7.1)
  25. MS Windows - General System (MS6)
  26. MS Windows - General System (MS7)
  27. MS Windows - Memory (MS6)
  28. MS Windows - Security Group Account Management (MS6)
  29. MS Windows - System Crashes (MS6)
  30. MS Windows - System Proccesses (MS6)
  31. MS Windows - Uptime and Reboots (MS6)
  32. MS Windows - Use of User Rights (MS6)
  33. MS Windows - Use of User Rights (MS7)
  34. MS Windows - User Account Management (MS6)
  35. MS Windows Server - Baseline
  36. MS Windows Server Boot Health
  37. MS Windows Worstation Fault Alerts Only (Agent Based)
  38. Oracle Pack for Oracle 10G on Windows
  39. Symantec - Altiris 7 Package Server - Basic
  40. Symantec - Altiris Agent Service Status (Agentless)
  41. Symantec - Altiris Deployment Server (MS6)
  42. Symantec - Altiris Latest Task Status Report
  43. Symantec - Altiris Monitor Solution data nor reported within 'N' hours Report
  44. Symantec - Altiris Recovery Solution
  45. Symantec - Altiris Server 7
  46. Symantec - Altiris Server 7 - Basic - Update
  47. Symantec - Altiris Server Pack - Update October 2010
  48. Symantec - Altiris Site Server - Task Services
  49. Symantec - Altiris XP/Vista Monitor Pack Agentless - Basic
  50. Symantec - Enterprise Vault
  51. Symantec - NetbackUp
  52. Symantec - pcAnywhere
  53. Symantec - SAV for NAS
  54. Symantec - SEP - Basic
  55. Symantec - SEP Agent Windows Service Status (Agentless)
  56. Symantec - SEP Client on Server (MS6)
  57. VMware - Virtual Infrastructure Health Monitor Pack
  58. ZetaFax



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09-02-2015 03:57 PM

This is a great list, but it looks a bit dated. Is there a more up to date list?

02-19-2014 01:41 PM

Because your activities stretch across a few solutions in the product set, you will have to look at documentation pertaining to Network Discovery first.  Then read through chapter 4 and pages 94-95 in the following guide.  Monitor Solution can seem a bit intimidating, but I assure you, once you get the concepts of Metrics, Rules, Policies, applicability and sites, it will make complete sense.  The remaining challenges exist across any vendor's monitoring product; i.e. understanding SNMP and OIDs and MIBs, WMI calls, Event Log checks, Compound metrics/mathematics etc...


02-19-2014 04:33 AM

Hi Donp213,


Appreciated your help. May i know is there any video or readup on this? 

02-18-2014 10:43 AM

Yes, you can absolutely perform SNMP GETs using an agentless SNMP metric.  You will need to setup your connection profile with the correct read community string, perform a network discovery using this connection profile and create a monitoring policy, targeting your desired devices.  Within that policy, you will have your Rule that will leverage your SNMP metric.  Within that metric, you will simply define the OID of the metric you wish to collect from your devices and a poling interval.  Bear one thing in mind though, each network device will consume an SMS license when performing GETs, trap receiving does not; this can be an expensive solution depending on the number of network devices you wish to monitor. 


02-17-2014 09:32 PM


Are we able to monitor network devices such as cisco switches/routers?I am looking at ICMP ping and some performance parameter such as CPU/Memory. From the ciscoworks policy, it doesn't seems to have any such parameter. Are we able to poll these information via SNMP poll? Or we only able to depend on SNMP Traps to provide us such information?

Many thanks.

08-29-2013 01:44 PM

Hello Daniel, have you tried the MS Cluster Server Monitor Pack from Joseph Carson? If you have any problems, post here and I will try to answer any questions.


08-29-2013 01:19 PM

Is there any monitor pack for Microsoft Cluster Services? I can´t seem to get the monitoring of clustered servers working.



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