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P2P (Altiris 8.1 RU5) - HTTP error (HTTP status 404)

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  • 1.  P2P (Altiris 8.1 RU5) - HTTP error (HTTP status 404)

    Posted 04-05-2018 06:43 AM


    The peer-to-peer downloading feature is an interesting new feature. I have it enabled since a couple of months ago and not seen any errors. However, now I wanted to test some need things where I would really like "to force" certain downloads to happen only in the local subnet.

    Here the use case: Reinstalling a package server in a remote site and "prestaging" some of the large packages from another computer in the same network which has the package available.

    I manged just fine for two packages but then the third package only started to download parts of the package and then stopped with an error:

    Operation 'Direct: Get Block 0-10744' failed.
    Protocol: HTTP
    Host: IP-Address:56118
    Path: /Altiris/AS/Pkg/e2307be18d070ef9e36f8568717d81b90a926fa2/cache/Applications/Conexant%20Audio%201%2C6%2C0%2C1/W10/HDAudioOEDrv/WoVartifacts/IntelKeywordDetectorAdapter/IntelKeywordDetectorAdapterProvider.not_dll
    Connection Id: 6.3372
    Communication profile Id: {11DF6FA9-FE84-470F-8390-0F6407576ABA}
    Error type: HTTP error
    Error code: HTTP status 404: The requested URL does not exist on the server or the server is down (0x8FA10194)
    Error note: 404 Not Found

    Has anyone seen similiar errors with P2P and has managed to fix this? Is there anywhere I can check the logs of the Altiris P2P "HTTP-Server"?


  • 2.  RE: P2P (Altiris 8.1 RU5) - HTTP error (HTTP status 404)
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    Posted 06-29-2018 07:13 AM

    Symantec Support could confirm the issue. Should be fixed in 8.5 (