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Push and Pull fails for Windows 7

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  • 1.  Push and Pull fails for Windows 7

    Posted 04-03-2014 07:56 AM

    Hello all,

    I am having trouble with installing the 7.5 HF4 SMA onto a Windows 7 machine.

    The SMP is in a domain and running HTTPS.

    The Windows 7 machine is in a workgroup, has its firewalls disabled, sharing wizard disabled, and has the SSL cert installed into its trusted root.

    The Windows 7 machine can successfully UNC to the SMP; however, the SMP cannot UNC to the Windows 7 machine as it always gets accessed denied.

    Push fails because of this.

    The Pull fails too; however, I dont see why as my use is a local admin.  The AltirisAgentInstSvc.exe *32 gets loaded but doesnt do anything, altough I have configured the SMA install settings.

    Has anyone else run into this annoying situation, as last time I had to join the machine to the domain in order to get it to work; however, I dont want to do that this time as I need to demonstarte DS 7.5's domain join action via a system configuration job.

    I have not tried manually running AeXNSC.exe yet, as I would rather get the push and pull fixed.

  • 2.  RE: Push and Pull fails for Windows 7
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    Posted 04-04-2014 03:43 AM

    OK, I have fixed this issue myself.

    I had to enable the builtin administrator account (disabled by default as install always asks for your own user name), and then I reset its password.

    This allowed me to UNC to the Win/ box using .\administrator (which ranslated to smpname\administrator) allowing local account access.

    Another method would have been to create a local user account on the SMP that also existed on the Win7 machine, so as not to mess around with the Win7's local admin account.