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Clarity Fundamentals training material

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    Posted 07-04-2012 09:53 AM
    Hi All, Quite a big ask, I am in the process of completing a POC instance for a new subsidiary of ours, who have not seen the system yet. I am starting from quite a vanilla config (using project and resource modules only) but the problem I have is within my company we have 'no' training material at all or close to providing a sensible introduction to Clarity fundamentals (plus the above two elements). I'm aiming not just to train but explain Clarity capabilities (without over-loading them with Clarity-speak or overly complex "you can do just about anything" concepts). Would anyone be generous enough to either point me in the right direction of getting something like this or provide something they have used previously which I could use as a benchmark. As I said I'm trying to find a balance between providing them with an understanding of the tools capabilities but not just giving them the user manuals.

    Thank you