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Customer Value Program (CVP)

  • 1.  Customer Value Program (CVP)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Feb 13, 2012 01:10 PM
    [size=5]Can you be certain you are getting maximum business value from your existing investment in CA Technologies solutions?[size]

    The Customer Value Program (CVP) helps our strategic customers recognize value from their distributed and mainframe CA Technologies software. The CVP identifies how CA Technologies solutions best support the customer’s current and future key business initiatives, giving them impactful information to help meet their business needs. This is accomplished by reviewing the customer’s portfolio of products and delivering recommendations on optimal use, options for improving return and/or reducing costs, sharing of best practices, and practical actions that can be taken in response.
    Customers have experienced all kinds of benefits as a result of an CVP – from identifying major security vulnerabilities in the form of obsolete access permissions to significantly improve security and better address regulatory compliance requirements to increasing the availability of their online systems by one hour per business day and avoiding a costly upgrade simply by changing a key configuration in their existing software.

    We know that benefits such as these are critical to you in these challenging times. CA Technologies is committed to helping you get the most for your investment in CA Technologies solutions now and in the future.

    Does your organization rely on CA Technologies software for its most critical processes? Are you contemplating an upgrade that would enable your IT department to deliver key business initiatives?
    Are you considering consolidating new workloads or moving to a virtualized or cloud infrastructure? Or reducing the number of software vendors that you use? Do you need insight into the overall ROI of your investment as you look to evolve and enhance it?

    If so, speak to your account manager and ask how our Customer Value Program can enhance the return on your IT investments.
    To learn more, and to see how CA Technologies software solutions enable other organizations to unify and simplify IT management for better business results, visit .