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IDMS Documentation set as Wiki vs PDF

  • 1.  IDMS Documentation set as Wiki vs PDF

    Posted 05-10-2015 10:57 AM

    Some or all of you may have seen or heard a discussion about CA moving to "Wiki" style documentation. IDMS is a very well established product with one of the most comprehensive documentation sets of any CA product! I expect that many DBA's and developers have spent many happy hours over the years becoming familiar with the "look and feel" and the organisation of the manuals - to the point that they know how and where to find exactly what they need to know - when they need to know it! Would switching to a new format be beneficial or a giant step backwards? I have initiated some offline discussion  on this subject - and thought I'd share an opinion that I got back which I happen to agree with:

    "As long as no information is lost, and it is downloaded into PDF format, and it doesn't make our jobs any more difficult, I don't really care how they publish their documentation.  Having said that, if the only way to download it is into 1 great big PDF, in the IDMS world, that doesn't make sense.  If I remember correctly, IDMS has the most reference manuals of all CA products.  The key thing is that it needs to be downloaded into PDF format, and it mustn't take us a long time & effort to do so.  If they have a click 1 button and everything is downloaded into separate PDF manuals,  then I don't care how they publish it."

    This got me wondering how many others feel the same way. SO I thought I'd fire up a poll for the IUA/EIUA Community to respond to. In the next week there will be a number of IDMS Workshops in Europe with CA in attendance - it would be wonderful to be able to provide some feedback to CA about their direction with the documentation set! here's your chance!


    A link to the poll on the IUA/EIUA Global Community is provided below - cheers - GaryC