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CA Performance Management r2.5 Sprint 3 Kit Now Available

  • 1.  CA Performance Management r2.5 Sprint 3 Kit Now Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 25, 2015 04:33 PM
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    The CA Performance Management team invites you to download, and install and test the r2.5 Sprint 3 Kit. This Sprint Kit reflects work demonstrated on February 18, 2015 and March 12, 2015.

    Attached to this posting are instructions for downloading this Sprint Kit from Cloud Commons. For the best download performance, be sure to use the Akamai Download Manager when prompted to do so.


    This Sprint Kit is to be used in non-production environments only.


    The r2.5 Sprint 3 Sprint Kit supports fresh installs and upgrades from r2.4. If you are upgrading, we recommend you create a database backup before you begin the upgrade process. Future Sprint Kits will support fresh installs and upgrades from r2.4, but not upgrades from this Sprint Kit. A database backup for your r2.4 test system will allow you to roll back to r2.4 before installing a future Sprint Kit.


    The CA Performance Management r2.5 Sprint 3 Kit includes the following new features:

    • Ability to extend Out of the Box Vender Certifications and Metric Families to improve speed to certification
    • OnDemand Table Reports to help close the gap on those eHealth report requirements
    • OpenAPI QueryBuilder 'DataCube' table and CSV export capabilities based on customer demand
    • OpenAPI Authentication and Query Builder SSO with CAPC as well some updated browser view dynamic parameters
    • 'Retirement' support as part of improved Lifecycle Management for Polled Items
    • Extended OAM Configuration support for DNS tests based on Customer Feedback from Sprint 2
    • User Configurable projections (analytics) to support capacity planning activities

    Plus capabilities implemented in Sprint 2:

    • New configurable percentiles 95 plus two additional configurable percentiles (view REST API)
    • Configuration of Ping, Trace and Jitter tests via new IPSLA config service API
    • CAPC: Implement Scorecard projections
    • CAW Look & Feel: Dashboard Timerange controls
    • Support printing/emailing PDFs in landscape mode
    • CAPC: Add percentile metrics to IM Table (Top) View
    • CAPC: Add the ability to select text from CAPC extjs table views
    • OpenAPI UI: Support expand calls in UI and table output


    Enjoy the new features and please share your experience with the community. Our team will be monitoring this thread over the next two weeks.


    Thank you for your continued support!

    - CA Performance Management R&D team