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CA Performance Management r2.4 End of Sprint 2 Kit Now Available

  • 1.  CA Performance Management r2.4 End of Sprint 2 Kit Now Available

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Nov 03, 2014 01:02 PM
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    The CA Performance Management team invites you to download and install and test the End of Sprint 2 Kit from our r2.4 release currently in development. The kit that reflects work demonstrated on October 24, 2014 and is now available for download from Cloud Commons.


    This kit is to be used in non-production environments only.


    Attached to this posting are instructions for downloading this sprint kit from Cloud Commons. For the best download performance, be sure to use the Akamai Download Manager when prompted to do so.


    The End of Sprint 2 Kit supports fresh installs and upgrades from r2.3.4. If you are upgrading, we recommend you create a database backup before you begin the upgrade process. When the next sprint kit is distributed, it will support fresh installs and upgrades from r2.3.4, but not upgrades from the sprint kit. A database backup for your r2.3.4 test system will allow you to roll back to r2.3.4 before installing a future sprint kit.


    New Features / Improvements included in this Sprint Kit include:


    ·         Improved Threshold Configuration Workflows w/ new Role Controls

    ·         New Event With Filtering Dashboard View

    ·         Improved Poll Controls (Advanced Filtering for Interface Subcomponents) – Note: Release will support all subcomponent types

    ·         New Paging support in DA Admin Explorer Views

    ·         Usability and Customer Ideas/Enhancements

    o   Updated Look and Feel

    o   Improved PDF Rendering (Spacing for Multi Views)

    o   Improved Site Navigation

    o   Browser View to pass context parameters

    o   Changing Dashboard Layout should not remove all Views

    o   Improved Notification of ‘Pinned Views”


    Enjoy the new features and please share your experience with the community. Our team will be monitoring this thread over the next two weeks.


    Thank you for your continued support!


    - CA Performance Management R&D team