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CA Performance Management 2.3.4 Sprint 2 Kit

  • 1.  CA Performance Management 2.3.4 Sprint 2 Kit

    Posted Jun 02, 2014 11:16 PM
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    The CA Performance Management team invites you to download and install and test Sprint 2 Kit from our 2.3.4 release currently in development. 

    The kit that reflects work demonstrated on May 20 and  is now available for download from Cloud Commons. This kit is to be used in non-production environments only.
    Attached to this posting are instructions for downloading this sprint kit from Cloud Commons.

    For the best download performance, be sure to use the Akamai Download Manager when prompted to do so.

    If you are upgrading from a prior Sprint kit we recommend that you backup your Performance Center database prior to running the install to upgrade Performance Center. That way, the development team can work with you to restore your configuration if the Performance Center upgrade has a problem.

    Note that while we do test upgrading from the prior GA release to the current Sprint kit we do not fully test Sprint kit to Sprint kit upgrades. Should you encounter a problem with a Sprint to Sprint upgrade please post a message about it and our development team will reach out to you to resolve the problem. We've also identified an issue with this kit where an error message may be raised during install that does not represent a problem with the install. Customers are encouraged the check the log files to verify the install completed successfully - this issue will be resolved with our final sprint kit. 

    New Features / Improvements included in this Sprint Kit include:

    Improved Administration:
    ·         Device Component Alias and User Role control support
    ·         CA PC Administrative Device Details View
    ·         Enhanced Grouping Control
    ·         Group Aggregate Scorecard Views
    ·         Data Collector Re-balancing
    Better integration with CA Mediation Manager 
    ·         Improved CAMM resiliency, ease of use, flexibility, and administrative workflows
    Platform Updates & Documentation:
    ·         Support for Vertica 7 database
    ·         Support for Internet Explorer 11 browser
    Product Documentation provided online with real-time updates

    Enjoy the new features and please share your experience with the community. Our team will be monitoring this thread over the next two weeks. 

    Thank you for your continued support!

    - CA Performance Management R&D team