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Creating Mapping with date and quarter in Data Loading Form

  • 1.  Creating Mapping with date and quarter in Data Loading Form

    Posted 04-20-2018 07:39 AM

    Hi all,


    For one of my customer, there are few SLAs which will get data from Data Loading Form. It is because there is no direct source which can feed those SLAs automatically.


    In Data Loading Form, we supply a record submission timestamp which is further linked to timestamp in output table in Mapping stage. My business requirement is while submitting the record, when the timestamp is placed in the data form, then a automatic quarter should be selected. Quarter selection should not be manual as I have given a drop down field for Quarter.

    For ex. if I give any date of Jan18, Feb18 or March18, then Q1 gets selected, if date is of Apr18, May18 or June18 then Q2 gets selected, if date is of Jan19, Feb19 or Mar19 then Q5 gets selected and so on.

    By doing so, customer wants to avoid any kind of manual/human error in selecting quarter. Though the quarter selection is used only on UI only. It is not getting consumed anywhere in backend or Business Logic.  Hope I am making sense. 


    So just want to know if such kind of date vs Quarter mapping is possible in Data forms.

    Can we create one or two tables in backend for mapping of date and quarter and then using some translation script, we populate the appropriate quarter.


    Please share your thoughts on this.



    Kuldeep Bhargava