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Integration of CA BSI with RHDS

  • 1.  Integration of CA BSI with RHDS

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 02-27-2018 01:11 AM

    Hello everyone,


    In one of my project, customer is using RHDS and want to integrate it with CA BSI for secure sign-on, hence we are required to integrate CA BSI with RHDS. However on doing it, it gives errors of incorrect credentials or wrong AD path.


    However, when same process is followed for MS Active directory, it works perfectly.


    We troubleshoot it with CA support and tried various trial and errors. but everything was unsuccessful.


    Documentation  also does not specify whether CA BSI is compatible with MS AD or RHDS but we came to know that CA BSI is tested with MS AD  only and theoretically it should support RHDS also.


    We troubleshot it with customer's RHDS team and they RHDS admin suggested to have few more fields on CA BSI end for integration.


    All the relevant logs and documents are available in support case 00942243.


    But I believe its worth testing this integration in CA Lab and confirm whether it can be integrated or not.


    Please let me know your opinion.



    Kuldeep Bhargava